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Our research strategy

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Our research strategy

Developing innovative, practical solutions to real world problems.

At Sheffield Hallam, our approach to research emerges from our values as an institution. We believe in applied learning and multi-discipline collaboration. We believe universities should make material contributions to the cultural, economic, social and health challenges facing society today. Most importantly, we believe that the pursuit of knowledge has the power to transform lives.

That’s why our research strategy focuses on three high-impact areas – areas where new challenges demand innovative and boundary-breaking solutions, and where success can drive significant improvements to the lives of individuals and communities the world over, including within our own region.

To achieve that success we’re investing in work that creates new multi-disciplinary teams and seizes new opportunities in emerging areas. We know from experience that inspiring, life-changing things can happen when games designers work with physiotherapists, industrial designers work with paediatricians, or sports scientists work with social care professionals.

Our ambition is to magnify that spirit of discovery and collaboration, and embed it in the world’s leading applied university – ensuring that through our teaching, every new contribution to knowledge is passed down to the next generation.

Our impact platforms

Our three impact platforms galvanise high-impact multi-disciplinary research, and act as beacons for external collaboration.

Enabling healthier lives

Creating innovative solutions for today's health challenges

Health is more than just the absence of disease. It is the ability to live a fulfilled and independent life. From conception to old age, the opportunities to improve and sustain health and independence through cultural and technological changes are immense.

Our practitioners, scientists, engineers and designers regularly collaborate to create new and innovative ways to help people lead healthier lives. As the largest provider of health and social care education in England, our research is rooted in providing practical solutions.

Building stronger communities

Working towards safety, prosperity and social inclusion for all

The last decade has seen the concept of a progressive and equitable development of society come under closer scrutiny. At the same time our understanding of society and education has never been stronger, and the opportunities afforded by new technologies and new social dynamics allow us to reimagine and re-establish the basis for thriving communities.

We draw together and stimulate research across traditional disciplinary boundaries to support more inclusive communities, in response to major societal challenges at local, national and global levels.

Driving future economies

Innovating to drive growth in the face of profound changes

Economic models and structures are undergoing profound and potentially seismic changes around the globe. This comes from technological developments, not least the much heralded Fourth Industrial Revolution, but also in the interplay between the economy and a whole host of developments including energy supplies, climate change, new forms of economic organisation and the future of work.

Our research explores these challenges, providing solutions to increase productivity and keep business ahead of the curve through innovation.


Get in touch

Find key contacts for enquiries about funding, partnerships, collaborations and doctoral degrees.