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Anne Doncaster

Anne Elizabeth Doncaster MArt FHEA

Lecturer in Digital Media Production


Lecturer BA/MArt Digital Media Production within the Media Arts and Communication Department. Main subjects areas, Interactive Design, Interactive Documentaries, 360 VR Video, Online Portfolios, Social Media. Industry background in 360/Virtual tour photography with interactive design. Industry experience includes Google and Doc Fest/Crossover labs.


My main area of expertise is in within Interactive Design. I module lead Interactive Design, Graphic Design for Digital Media, Distribution Methods and Practices and Integrated Projects Level 2. I also teach on Digital Media Technologies and Cross Media Project.

I continue to research into the area of Interactive design and the new developments that are taking place within the industry. I have recently taught the development of Interactive Documentaries to students within the MAC department. In 2015 I conducted a workshop for delegates at the Doc/Fest/Crossover Lab – Sheffield Documentary Festival on the development of Interactive documentaries. My current research is into 360 VR video – the technique itself and the development of projects using this technique and am collaborating with a Sheffield based VR company to develop projects within this area.

I am an avid networker and attend many networking events in and around Sheffield. This enables me to connect with industry and bring in industry speakers and guest lecturers to my modules giving students an industry focus.

I am also the co-creator of the POP Initiatives set up with Melvyn Ternan, working towards enhancing student ownership of their courses, staff collaboration and industry awareness of the MAC departments course output

Interactive Design, Interactive Documentaries, 360 VR Video, Interactive documents, Online Portfolios, Social Media


Department of Media Arts and Communication

2015 collaborated with a Sheffield Based VR company on a experimental 360 VR Video funded by the Arts Council

Digital Media Production

Digital Medication Production, Animation, Film and Media Production

Interactive Design, Graphic Design for Digital Media, Distribution Methods and Practices, Cross Media Project, Integrated Project Level 2


Currently collaborating with a Sheffield Based VR company working on a local heritage project using 360 VR Video technology.



Jones, M., & Doncaster, A. (2017). Sheffield VeRSe - Directional Techniques in 360 video for poetry performance. [Video]. Anne Doncaster:


Ternan, M., Doncaster, A., Powell, A., & Jones, M. (2016). When these university staff utilised Facebook for an entire year - no one expected what happened next. Presented at: 2016 Learning and Teaching Conference, Sheffield, UK, 2016

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