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Ron Wright

Senior Lecturer in Sound


As a practitioner of sound in film and art Ron is interested in exploring the idea of landscape in both physical and psych-spatial terms. His work centres around psycho-geography and its inverse relationship – how environment affects us and conversely how we create and fashion our own subconscious terrain - creating space for ideas, reflection and refuge. Ron uses sound as an experimental narrative tool to investigate 'punctums' - gaps in space and time and subtextual suggestion, the spaces between words and action, that uncertain space that exists in between inertia and activity where ideas and energy form and grow.


Working on sound projects for screen, installation and live performance and developing further collaborative projects with Neil Webb and Susannah Gent.

Ron teaches all aspects of sound theory and practice for the media subject group from undergraduate to postgraduate. Designed an MA in Sound Design to come online for people who want to work in the creative field of sound design for film, digital media arts and sound art and empowers the student to author their own sonically motivated projects and explore the intersections with other disciplines. Ron adopts a broad approach to sonic culture and has a track record of innovative work as a sound practitioner including award winning feature 'Jelly Dolly' directed by Susannah Gent, Sci-Art Exhibition 'Hylo' with lens-based artist Andy Eccleston and experimental immersive multi-channel AV and sound pieces such as 'Rift' with Neil Webb.


Journal articles

Schofield, J., & Wright, R. (2021). Sonic Heritage, Identity and Music-making in Sheffield, “Steel City”. Heritage & Society.

Book chapters

Wright, R., & Schofield, J. (2021). The city as archive: How industry and electronic music forged Sheffield’s sonic identity. In Music and Heritage: New Perspectives on Place-making and Sonic Identity. (pp. 91-102).


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Wright, R. (n.d.). Vantage Point as part of Terminus exhibition. [short films]. Park Hill, Sheffield.

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Webb, N., & Wright, R. (2010). A colony provides a safe haven. Presented at: The Contingency of Curation, Tate Britain, 2010

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