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Eleanor Lockley

Dr Eleanor Lockley

Research Fellow and Associate Lecturer


How people make use of and interact with technology, issues associated with new media and society, and issues associated with social interaction, are areas of research that I'm interested in. 

My research falls broadly under communication studies and information studies and working in C3RI means that I have worked on a variety of different interdisciplinary projects since 2008. One day I can be a human-computer interaction researcher - the next I can be investigating issues associated with User Centred Design! My Previous role in C3RI involved engaging with knowledge transfer activity- meaning that have I worked on commercial consultancy as well as on academic projects.

  • About

    My postdoctoral research focused on the impact of the mobile phone in the public and private - a subject which falls broadly under new media and communication. The research specifically concentrated on how people manage contextualised mobile phone use during social interactions in public spaces. It also examined how people make use of their mobile phones to manage their private relationships. During this project I worked with Virgin Mobile: designing a UK wide mobile phone survey on their behalf (2006). Themes throughout the research concerned interaction management, face management, and relationship management and made use of Goffman's (1959, 1963) concepts of behaviour in public.

    I have worked on a variety of research projects at Sheffield Hallam University. A particularly notable Knowledge Transfer project was working with the Sheffield Burmese and Iraqi refugee communities through NIACE funding. The programme provided a group of adult learners with ICT and journalism training and the project was the Adult Learner's Week Transformation Fund Award Winner 2010.

    Another notable ESRC funded project (2013) involved researching digital inclusion in association with Sheffield City Council. The study comprised of action research about people's general use of, and access to, technology. The work resulted in local community interventions - including a computer club and an online job club for people who would have otherwise been considered 'digitally excluded'. 

    I have also recently worked on several European Funded projects; two of note are COURAGE (2014 - 2016) and ATHENA (2013 - 2016). The former involved developed a research agenda for Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism based upon user centered research. Whilst my role in the latter focused upon human factors and best practices for crisis sense making and communication, and in particular, how social media can be best used for crisis and disaster management. ATHENA is creating a prototype to enhance the ability of LEAs police, first responders and citizens in their use of mobile and smart devices in crisis situations

  • Teaching

    Science, Technology and Arts

  • Research

    • Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organised Crime Research, Communication and Computing Research Centre
    • Cultural Communication and Computing Research Institute



    Castleford Heritage Project

    The Face of the phone: Studies of Public and Private Mobile Phone Use

    Digital Inclusion in South Yorkshire


    Burmese Community Reporters

    Usability Evaluation of OpenWeb Transcoding

  • Publications

    Journal articles

    Yates, S., Kirby, J., & Lockley, E. (2015). Digital media use: differences and inequalities in relation to class and age. Sociological research online, 20 (4), 12. http://doi.org/10.5153/sro.3751

    Conference papers

    Yates, S., Kirby, J., Lockley, E., & Potts, S. (2015). Affordances, effectivities and efficacies : theorising digital engagements. In MeCCSA Annual Conference : Generations, Northumbria University, 7 January 2015.

    Langley, J., Le Maitre, C., Vernon-Parry, K., Lockley, E., Westerman, J., Smith, J., ... Choppin, S. (2012). Being interdisciplinary..... creating a culture for the academics of tomorrow. In Understanding Interdisciplinarity: theory and practice - An International Conference, Sheffield, 14 June 2012.

    Uruchurtu, E., Lockley, E., Roast, C., & De Bleecker, I. (2009). Usability evaluation of OpenWeb transcoding. In 11th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services, Bonn, Germany, 31 December 2009. http://mobilehci.uni-siegen.de/proceedings2009/ic318-uruchurtu.pdf


    Ciolfi, L., & Lockley, E. (n.d.). Flash Fiction Exploring the Blurring of Work and Life. Presented at: Workshop Design Fiction for Mixed-Reality Performances at CHI 2017, Denver, 6 May 2017

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