Martin Owens

Doctor Martin Owens BA MSc PhD

Senior Lecturer in International Business


Thank you for visiting this page.  I am a Senior Lecturer in International Business at Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University. I currently teach Principles and Practices of International Business, International Strategy and Managing International Business.

My current research primarily involves the functioning of domestic and international alliances. I am currently working on inter-organizational co-ordination (the boiler room of any partnership), how context shapes the design and dynamics of alliance coordination. I am particularly interested in how the traits of the alliance manager influences the organization of activity in alliances.  My previous research examined the interrelationship between formal structure and relational outcomes in alliances, and international alliance formation. Beyond alliances, I am interested in the internationalization of small firms, including the evolution of international networks, and movement of emerging country entrepreneurs to developed countries in the Western world. I have published my research in Environment Planning A, International Business Review, Industrial Marketing Management and Services Industries Journal. I have a PhD from the University of Ulster.

I joined Sheffield Hallam in the summer of 2018. I was previously a Lecturer in International Business for 12 years at the University of Bradford. At Bradford, I managed the BSc International Business and Management course and have taught a range of subjects in international business, strategy and general management across all levels. I have supervised two doctoral students to completion. I am a fellow of the Higher Education Academy and have a post-graduate certificate in Higher Education. In my free time, I enjoy reading, and fly fishing for trout in the beautiful loughs of Yorkshire and Ireland.  



  • 2009: Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, University of Bradford, United Kingdom
  • 2006: PhD International Business, University of Ulster, United Kingdom
  • 1999: MSc Marketing Studies, University of Ulster, United Kingdom
  • 1998: BA Business Studies, University of Ulster, United Kingdom


Department of Management

Sheffield Business School

International Business


I have been long interested in the creation and management of collaborative modes of market entry within international business, especially international joint ventures. I am also interested in how international business, and firms generally, intersect with forms of political violence such as terrorism and wars.


Key Publications

Owens, M. (2023). Inter-state war, institutions and multinationals: insights from the Russian-Ukraine war. Multinational Business Review.

Journal articles

Owens, M., & Johnson, E. (2024). Not gone away: how domestic terrorism impacts multinationals in foreign markets. Critical Perspectives on International Business.

Olubajo, L., Dimitri, P., Johnson, A., & Owens, M. (2022). Managing inter-organisational collaborations to develop medical technologies: the contribution of inter-personal relationships. Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology, 46 (6).

Owens, M. (2021). Exploiting Bullets: International Business and the Dynamics of War. Critical Perspectives on International Business.

Nuraddeen, N., Owens, M., & McQuillan, D. (2021). International entrepreneurship from emerging to developed markets: an institutional perspective. International Marketing Review.

Yakimova, R., Owens, M., & Freeman, S. (2021). The ‘visible hand’ behind cooperation in franchising: A model of franchisor practices that influence cooperation within social networks. Industrial Marketing Management, 94, 66-89.

Yakimova, R., Owens, M., & Sydow, J. (2019). Formal control influence on franchisee trust and brand-supportive behavior within franchise networks. Industrial Marketing Management, 76, 123-135.

Owens, M., Ramsey, E., & Loane, S. (2018). Resolving post-formation challenges in shared IJVs: The impact of shared IJV structure on inter-partner relationships. International Business Review, 27 (3), 584-593.

Owens, M., Palmer, M., & Zueva-Owens, A. (2013). Institutional forces in adoption of international joint ventures: Empirical evidence from British retail multinationals. International Business Review, 22 (5), 883-893.

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Conference papers

Kom, C., Sharpe, D., & Owens, M. (2023). Reflexivity in Context: Navigating the Challenges of Conducting Qualitative Research in International Business. In British Academy of Management, University of Sussex, Brighton, 1 September 2023 - 6 September 2023. British Academy of Management:

Owens, M., & Zueva, A. (2022). Terrorism and international business: A critical perspective and future research agenda [abstract only]. In EIBA, 48th Annual Conference, Oslo, Norway, 2022 - 2022. European International Business Academy:

Yakimova, R., & Owens, M. (2017). The structure of commitment and its relationship with co-operation among franchisees of retail franchises. In British Academy of Management Conference (BAM), Warwick, UK.

Owens, M., Zueva, A., & Palmer, M. (2013). Inter-firm diversity and shared management IJVs: empirical evidence from British MNEs. In British Academy of Management Conference (BAM), Liverpool, UK.

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Owens, M., Johnson, A., Drakolis, T., & Wang, C. How does SME perceived environmental uncertainty influence structuralbusiness network development? Evidence from Greek Tourism SMEs. In Academy of International Business.

Yakimova, R., Owens, M., & Freeman, S. The ‘visible hand’ behind cooperation in franchising: Towards a framework of centralised practices that influence cooperation within franchise network. In British Academy of Management.

Theses / Dissertations

Kom, C.N. (2022). Making Sense of Co-Opetition in a Post-Colonial Entrepreneurial Landscape: Nigeria’s Fashion Industry. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Sharpe, D., & Owens, M.

Drekolias, T. (2021). Perceived environmental uncertainty and network development: the case of Greek SMEs. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Owens, M., Johnston, A., & Wang, C.

Internet Publications

Owens, M. (2023). What BAE’s Ukraine deal shows about the risks and opportunities of setting up a business in a war zone, The Conversation, September.

Postgraduate supervision

I have 15 years experience of supervising doctoral students in the area of international business and inter-firm co-operation. I have also examined doctoral students both internally and externally. I have supervised three students to completion and currently supervising three students. See below:
Mr Abiola Adebayo (with Dr Fariba Darabi and Dr Imtiaz Mostafiz), Exploring the SME management of institutional voids in emerging markets
Mrs Linda Olubajo (with Dr Andrew Johnson and Professor Paul Dimitri), Value and dynamics of inter-personal relationships in University-Industry collaborations.
Ms Caroline Fusi (with Dr Diana Sharpe), Informal institutions and the emergence of co-opetition in the fashion sector.

Dr Theo Drekolias (2020) (with Dr Andrew Johnson and Professor C. Wang). SME networking and environmental uncertainty: an empirical investigation in the Greek SME sector
Mr Salah Alawadhi (2013), “The role of institutional systems and government policy in securing foreign direct investment in Kuwait”, University of Bradford.
Dr Nuraddeen Nuru (2017), "The entrepreneurial process of emerging market entrepreneurship to developed markets: an institutional theory perspective", University of Bradford.

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