Dr Lada Price

Dr Lada Trifonova Price SFHEA

Senior Lecturer in Journalism


Since I began my career as a scholar and an educator in 2007, I have been on a mission to transform journalism research and education in relation to two of the most fundamental real-life challenges that journalists worldwide face today: improving safety and combating impunity. I believe I have a duty to my students and to society to actively lead in the global effort to provide knowledge exchange, protection for journalists and prevention of attacks against them.



As a former journalist, I have experienced first-hand the harsh reality of working as a journalist in a hostile environment that requires reporters to be aware of issues related to violence, attacks, threats and online harassment aimed at diminishing their right to freedom of expression. The starting point for my leadership in research and education is that keeping journalists safe starts in the classroom, not when they are already working in the field.

A key strand of my research and educational initiatives aims to contribute to progress on journalism safety and wellbeing, an integral part of sustainable journalism, while promoting ethically responsible journalism practice. My goal has always been to make education as robust and socially sustainable as possible and to foster a sense of standard in my area of study – journalism. I continuously strive to develop and maintain a style of teaching and learning that meets the distinct needs of my students while also exploring and experimenting with new methods of working with students and colleagues.

Most weeks during the semester you will find me teaching on several undergraduate and postgraduate modules, and supervising dissertations. My students have produced some truly outstanding research and I am dedicated to supporting and nurturing ethical, critical-thinking, employable journalists and media professionals who have the skills to build a career in the journalism industry at home and internationally.



College of Social Sciences and Arts

I was recently awarded and currently working on two internal educational projects: Sheffield Hallam University (STEER) evaluation grant aimed at course development on all levels and journalism programmes and Sheffield Hallam University Teaching, Learning & Student Experience Enhancement Project grant aimed at enhancing student experiences.


Subject area:
Journalism and PR
Centre for Culture, Media and Society 


Courses taught:
MA Multimedia Journalism
MA International Journalism
BA Multimedia Journalism
BA Sports Journalism


Modules taught:
Media, Power and Society
Ethics and Responsibility
Issues in Global Media
Photography for Journalists
Applied Project and Dissertation Supervision


I am currently a co-investigator of BA Leverhulme small research grant, awarded in April 2021 for a project titled "Creating a safe space for journalists to speak about trauma: Examining the roles of journalism educators". The study aims to make a major contribution to literature on journalism and trauma which has established that journalists lack safe spaces to speak about trauma. Evidence shows that the prevalence of PTSD among journalists is higher than the general population and that they are engaging in avoidance responses (numbing out, avoiding reminders of the event, diminished interests) as coping strategies. The project aims to develop a new framework for building resilience to trauma among journalists and journalism students and produce guidelines for educational and professional practice on building resilience to trauma. The project is part of an international research group that I launched with my colleague Ola Ogunyemi from Lincoln University in November 2020 – Journalism Education and Trauma Research Group with members and research hubs in seven world regions.  

The second strand of my research is focused on media and journalistic practice in Eastern European democracies. More specifically, I examine threats to press freedom, such as censorship and self- censorship, media corruption, ethical challenges to journalistic practice, and violence and intimidation against journalists. I am also researching more recent challenges and new forms of journalism during the coronavirus pandemic in countries with democratic deficits (Bulgaria) with a view of developing this into a large-scale comparative regional study. I recently presented my research at the Future of Journalism Conference 2021 at Cardiff University.


Link 1: https://jetreg.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk/about-jetreg/
Link 2: https://sheffieldhallam.sharepoint.com/sites/3018/SitePages/Event-.aspx?from=DigestNotification&e=UPXnTdJ4vEag5NThbJSDyg&at=9&CT=1641400852369&OR=OWA-NT&CID=b7c36217-0a22-e85e-eec3-51f90adbf778
Link 3: https://sheffieldhallam.sharepoint.com/sites/3018/SitePages/Sheffield-Hallam-lecturer-awarded-BA.aspx  

Collaborator and sponsors:
British Academy Leverhulme small grant


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Conference papers

Trifonova Price, L. (2009). Media Models – how do they fit in the Bulgarian context? In Eleftherakis, G., Hannam, S., Kalyva, E., & Psychogios, A. (Eds.) Infusing Research and Knowledge in South-East Europe, (pp. 89-99).

Book chapters

Trifonova Price, L. (2022). Between a rock and a hard place: continued struggle of media and journalism in Bulgaria’s media system. In Iordanidou, S., & Dagoula, C. (Eds.) 6+1 Proposals for journalism. Safeguarding the field in the digital era. (pp. 90-104). Bristol: Intellect: https://www.intellectbooks.com/61-proposals-for-journalism

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Trifonova Price, L. (2020). Threats to journalism safety and freedom of expression in Bulgaria. Presented at: World Press Freedom Day Conference, The Hague but virtual presentations

Trifonova Price, L. (2020). Threats to journalism safety and freedom of expression in Bulgaria. Presented at: World Press Freedom Day Conference, The Hague but virtual presentation

Other activities

I am a joint convenor of the Journalism Education and Trauma Research Group (JETREG) and a member of the JETREG steering committee.

Member of the executive committee of the Association of Journalism Educators (AJE), UK.

Theme lead of the Digital Culture and Critical Media Practice research group at the Centre for Culture, Media and Society.

Internationalisation lead in the Media, Arts and Communications Department.
Project lead for partnership between Journalism and PR subject group and the BBC’s 50:50 Equality Initiative.

I am Co-Director of Education at the Centre for Freedom of the Media (CFOM) and a member of the Journalism Safety Research Network (JSRN), a global community of researchers focused on journalism safety.

I am a peer reviewer for a number of world-leading journalism, media and communication academic journals.


Postgraduate supervision

Helen Johnston, working title of thesis: The Discursive Construction of ‘News’: An Analysis of Professional Journalism Discourse.


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