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Dr Lada Trifonova Price SFHEA

Senior Lecturer in Journalism


I am a lecturer in Journalism. I completed my PhD at the Department of Journalism Studies at Sheffield University and spent ten years working there before moving to the Journalism Subject Group within the Department of Media Arts and Communications. My research is focused primarily on media and journalistic practice in transitional democracies. As a former journalist I have a particular interest in post-communist media and journalism.


I have thirteen years of teaching experience as a lecturer and seminar leader across a range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules. My teaching has always emphasised engaged learning, the importance of constantly adopting new approaches and on-going critical reflection. I am a keen supporter of outward-facing learning. I aim to provide opportunities for students to learn from external partners, encourage their contribution to research and knowledge and give them the confidence to tackle ‘real-world’ challenges. I try to engage my students in learning activities that strongly relate to their future professional practice but also inspire them to pursue careers in journalism, media and communication.


Subject area



BA Journalism

MA international Journalism


Undergraduate modules

Media, Power and Society

Researching Journalism

Ethics and Regulation

Dissertation/Applied Project Supervision

Postgraduate modules

Issues in Global Media

Photography and Visualisation


I am currently conducting research into journalists’ professional practice and identities in post-communist countries that have undergone a challenging process of democratisation in the past quarter-century. My research also studies how violence, threats, censorship, self-censorship, political, economic pressure and corruption are influencing journalism practice and media freedom.

Another strand of my research is focused on journalism ethics and I am editing a major volume - Routledge Companion to Journalism Ethics to be published in 2020.


Price, L. (2015). Journalists' Perceptions of Nomenklatura Networks and Media Ownership in Post-Communist Bulgaria. Medijske Studije / Media Studies, 6 (11), 19-33.

Trifonova Price, L. (2015). Secrets, Lies, and Journalist-Spies: the contemporary moral dilemma for Bulgarian media professionals. The International Journal of Press/Politics, 20 (2), 185-203.

Trifonova Price, L. (2014). A free press: time for the EU to act. British Journalism Review, 25 (3), 50-54.

Conference papers

Trifonova Price, L. (2009). Media Models – how do they fit in the Bulgarian context? In Eleftherakis, G., Hannam, S., Kalyva, E., & Psychogios, A. (Eds.) Infusing Research and Knowledge in South-East Europe, (pp. 89-99).

Book chapters

Trifonova Price, L. (2021). Ethical Codes in Post-communist Countries: The Case of Bulgaria and Romania. In Price, L., Sanders, K., & Wyatt, W.N. (Eds.) Routledge Companion to Journalism Ethics. Routledge

Trifonova Price, L. (2021). The post communist “hybrid” tabloid – between the serious and the “yellow”. In Conboy, M., & Eldridge II, S.A. (Eds.) The Global Tabloid. Routledge:

Hanney, R. (2020). Making Projects Real in a Higher Education Context. In Morley, D.A., & Jamil, M.D.G. (Eds.) Applied Pedagogies in Higher Education – real world learning and innovation across the curriculum. (pp. 163-185). Palgrave Macmillan:

Trifonova Price, L. (2020). Between a rock and a hard place: continued struggle of media and journalism in Bulgaria’s media system. In 6+1 Proposals for the Future of Journalism. Intellect

Trifonova Price, L. (2019). Post-communist Media and the Impact of Democratization in Bulgaria and Romania. In Polonska, E., & Beckett, C. (Eds.) Public Service Broadcasting and Media Systems in Troubled European Democracies. Palgrave Macmillan:

Trifonova Price, L. (2018). "Bear in mind...and do not bite the hand that feeds You”. Institutionalized Self-Censorship and Its Impact on Journalistic Practice in Post communist Countries—the Case of Bulgaria. In Freedman, E., Goodman, R.S., & Steyn, E. (Eds.) Critical Perspectives on Journalistic Beliefs and Actions. Routledge:


Trifonova Price, L. (Ed.). (2021). Routledge Companion of Journalism Ethics. (1st). Routledge.


Harrison, J., Pukallus, S., & Trifonova Price, L. (2014). The non-reporting of and the public’s interest in crimes against journalists and the issue of impunity. Centre for Freedom of the Media.


Trifonova Price, L. (2018). Building reflexive practitioners: Engaging journalism students with teaching of research methods. Presented at: Association of Journalism Educators’ (AJE) summer conference, Canterbury Christ Church University

Trifonova Price, L. (2017). A free press is no match for corruption: how corruption poisoned the Bulgarian post-communist press. Presented at: Second International Journal of Press/Politics conference, Oxford University

Trifonova Price, L. (2017). Journalism in Danger: Engaging Students Outside the Classroom. Presented at: Association of Journalism Educators’ (AJE) winter conference, Westminster University

Trifonova Price, L. (2016). Extending the Journalism Classroom through Technology Enhanced Learning. Presented at: Faculty of Social Science Teaching Excellence Conference “Promoting Teaching Excellence –TEF and Beyond, Sheffield University

Trifonova, P., & Sreedharan, C. (2015). The HONY Model: Extending The Journalism Classroom Using Social Media. Presented at: Social Media for Learning in Higher Education Conference 'Finding our social identity', Sheffield Hallam University


Trifonova Price, L. (2020). Threats to journalism safety and freedom of expression in Bulgaria. Presented at: World Press Freedom Day Conference, The Hague but virtual presentations

Trifonova Price, L. (2020). Threats to journalism safety and freedom of expression in Bulgaria. Presented at: World Press Freedom Day Conference, The Hague but virtual presentation

Other activities

I am also a post-doctoral scholar and educational curriculum leader at the Centre for Freedom of the Media (CFOM), one of the UK’s leading research centres dedicated to improving the safety of journalists worldwide and mobilising efforts to combat impunity. My most significant contribution to CFOM is in driving its educational strategy, which aims to raise awareness among young and future journalists of threats to media freedom and dangers to journalism in different regions of the world. I am a peer reviewer for the following academic journals: International Journal of Press/Politics (SAGE); African Journalism Studies (Routledge & UNISA); Studies of Transition States and Societies (STSS, Tallinn University); Digital Icons: Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media, University of Leeds; Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies (Intellect)

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