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Oliver Lewis

Dr Oliver D Lewis BEng(Hons), PGCLTHE, MRAeS, MIMF, FHEA

Senior Lecturer


Oliver is a member of the Aerospace Engineering course team, teaching materials, manufacturing and professional practice. He is also the course leader for the BSc Aerospace courses at Sheffield Hallam. In addition to teaching, he is engaged in research and consultancy, primarily in the fields of corrosion and coatings. He is also active in engineering education research, using this activity to benefit student experience in the department of Engineering and Maths.

  • About

    Oliver studied materials engineering with a Diploma in Industrial Studies in the Institute of Polymer Technology and Materials Engineering (IPTME) at Loughborough University. His final year project examined the feasibility of adopting molybdate conversion coatings as chromate replacements for electrodeposited zinc substrates. In collaboration with staff at Sheffield Hallam University, the scanning vibrating electrode technique (SVET) was used to study the repassivation of the coatings.

    Following graduation, Oliver commenced an industrially sponsored PhD project, also at Loughborough University. The aim of the study was to identify nanoparticulate additives which would enhance the performance of waterborne organic coating primers. Having selected a range of particles and dispersed them in the primer formulation, the coatings were characterised in terms of their corrosion resistance, tribological properties, hardness and modulus. The corrosion resistance of the coatings was of particular interest and was studied using accelerated environmental techniques and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS).

    On completion of his PhD, he joined Sheffield Hallam University, contributing to research, consultancy delivery and regionally-funded projects supporting businesses, predominantly SMEs. Since 2009, he has also undertaken supervision of research students. Current research projects include

    • assessment of organic coating performance
    • development of accelerated performance tests for marine coatings
    • plasma nitriding of stainless steel

    Additionally, he teaches in the department of Engineering and Maths, where he is a member of the Aerospace Engineering course team and course leader for the BSc Aeronautical Engineering and BSc Aerospace Technology courses. His teaching role has led to an interest in engineering education research, with projects investigating novel assessment methods, laboratory-based curriculum development and contextualising learning.

    He is an active member of the Royal Aeronautical Society, the Institute of Corrosion, and the Institute of Materials Finishing.

  • Teaching

    Industrial and Collaborative Engineering

  • Research

    • Structural Integrity
    • Materials and Engineering Research Institute
  • Publications

  • Other activities

    Secretary, Corrosion Science Division of the Institute of Corrosion
    Treasurer, Sheffield Branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society
    Member, Royal Aeronautical Society Centennial Scholarship Panel
    Member, Publications Committee of the Institute of Materials Finishing

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