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Dr Abdel-Karim Al-Tamimi MSc, PhD, SFHEA

Senior Lecturer of Computer Science and Software Engineering


Dr. Abdel-Karim Al-Tamimi is a Senior Lecturer of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University. He is a certified expert in Digital Teaching and Learning, and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA). He is the lead of the Interactive Data Analytics Group (iDAG), and a member of the Applied Software Engineering Research Group (ASERG). He is serving as a consultant in the Digital Innovation for Growth (DIfG) program to support the digital transformation in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

Dr. Al-Tamimi served as an associate professor of computer engineering at Yarmouk University in Jordan, where he was appointed as the director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC). He also served as the program team leader (Department Chair) of the Computer Information Science (CIS) department in the Colleges of Higher Technology (HCT) in UAE and as a member of the program academic committee (PAC). He has other international work experience as a technical member of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA) committee, and as a visiting professor at Technische Universitat Berlin, Germany.

Dr. Al-Tamimi has many years of experience as a consultant in the fields of data science, computer security, professional training, and curriculum development. He also has wide-ranging experience in developing software solutions using various technologies and services. He is a certified Huawei HCIA-AI expert, IBM Blockchain Developer, IBM Application Security Engineer, and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

Dr. Al-Tamimi is currently serving as an Editorial Board member of PLOS ONE and Research Reports on Computer Science journals. He is a receiver of many EU-funded projects including H2020, TEMPUS IV, DFG, EPIC-Erasmus, Erasmus AVEMPACE III, and HOPES.  He served as an organising and technical committee member of many international journals and conferences including IEEE Communication Letters, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, IEEE Access, and BigComp. He also served as a panelist in multiple conferences as an IoT specialist and an entrepreneur advocate.

His current research focus is on applying machine learning techniques to interdisciplinary research challenges in the areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Multimedia Networks, Computer Security, and the Internet of Things (IoT).



Dr. Abdel-Karim Al-Tamimi received his MSc and PhD degree in Computer Engineering under the advisement of Prof. Raj Jain from Washington University in St. Louis, US, in 2007 and 2010, respectively. He is a senior fellow of HEA (SFHEA), a member of Open-Source Software Communities (OSSCOM), and a member of IEEE. 

Prior to joining Sheffield Hallam, Dr. Al-Tamimi joined the Computer Engineering Department at Yarmouk University, Jordan in 2010, where he served as an Associate Professor of Computer Engineering and the director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC). He also served as a visiting professor at Technische Universitat Berlin, Germany. He joined the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), UAE, and served as the program team leader (Department Chair) and a member of the program academic committee (PAC). 

Dr. Al-Tamimi has extensive experience in leading international teams in both research and industry projects. He worked on developing undergraduate and postgraduate curriculums, and bespoke training programs for the industry. Dr. Al-Tamimi is serving as an Editorial Board member of PLOS ONE and Research Reports on Computer Science journals. He also served as the lead guest editor of a special issue of Advances in Multimedia Journal.


Modules taught
I am currently the module leader of:
- Designing and Developing Enterprise Systems (DDES): This module aims to provide learners with the concepts and tools to design and implement distributed and enterprise applications and allow them to compare and assess different approaches to their development using various contemporary technologies.
- Group Project: This module aims to develop the capacity to work in a team of individuals who have a range of capabilities to develop a solution to a computational problem that meets a real client's needs. Based on the client's brief it is up to the learners to identify an appropriate solution and create a strategy for providing it.

I have developed and delivered the following graduate modules:
• Advanced Operating Systems
• Advanced Digital Logic Design Using FPGA
• Principles of Object Oriented Programming and Design
• Digital Logic Design Using VHDL
• System Modelling and Simulation
• Advanced Computer Networks

I have developed and delivered the following undergraduate modules:
• Advanced Computer Networks
• Computer Networks
• Software Engineering
• Project Management and Quality Control
• Multimedia Systems and Technology
• Object-Oriented Modelling and Applications
• Web Design and Application Development
• Design and Development of Enterprise Systems
• Principles of Information Assurance, Security, and Privacy
• Database Administration and Design
• Computational Thinking and Coding
• Web Applications and E-Commerce Security
• Routing Protocols
• Artificial Intelligence
• Routing Solutions for the Enterprise
• Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
• System Architecture and Integration
• Professional Software Projects



Current research projects

- Sheffield Hallam/Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity Complications from Excess Weight Innovation Challenge. Phyllis – a chatbot to support children who are obese or overweight to move more. (Total of £10,000 GBP) 2022.

- Sheffield Hallam Levelling Up Challenge. The development and delivery of a whole systems implementation and evaluation research collaborative, focusing on older adult population health and wellbeing, across the Sheffield City Region. Sheffield Hallam, UK. (Total of £9,825 GBP) 2022.

- Global partnership: Joint PhD programme with La Trobe University, Australia. IntelliParalegal: Leveraging natural language processing techniques to assess immigration asylum seeker applications (Total of $113,750 AUD) 2022.

- Teaching, Learning and Student Experience Enhancement project. EduChat: A conversational agent to improve the learning environment (Total of £1,800 GBP) 2022.



Journal articles

Moore, R., Al-Tamimi, A.-.K., & Freeman, E. (2024). Investigating the Potential of a Conversational Agent (Phyllis) to Support Adolescent Health and Overcome Barriers to Physical Activity: Co-Design Study. JMIR formative research, 8 (1). http://doi.org/10.2196/51571

Alwada’n, T., Al Tamimi, A.-.K., Mohammad, A.H., Salem, M., & Muhammad, Y. (2023). Dynamic congestion management system for cloud service broker. International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE), 13 (1), 872-883. http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v13i1.pp872-883

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Al Tamimi, A.K. (2023). Apparatus and Method for Detection of Malicious Websites.

Other activities

Other external responsibilities: 

Co-Founder of Phyllis (phyllis.chat), an AI-based conversational agent to help youth overcome mental and physical barriers to partaking in physical activities, UK. (2022)
Organising Committee Member and Session Chair at AEECT Conference, Jordan. (2017)
Judge and Reviewer for the National Technology Parade (NTP) contest, Jordan. (2011-2017)
Member of The Academic Entrepreneurship Center of Excellence (AECE) Steering Committee. Yarmouk University, Jordan. (2014-2016)
NET Club Supervisor, Yarmouk University, Jordan. (2011-2016)
Co-Founder and Supervisor in Orange-Yarmouk Innovation Lab (OYIL), Jordan. (2012-2016)
Participant in Canvas: Innovation in Media Hackathon. Al-Jazeera News Agency. Doha, Qatar. (2014)
Technical Team Member of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA-UN), Amman, Jordan. (2013-2014)
Mentor at NYUAD Hackathon for Social Good in the Arab World, UAE. (2013)
Computer Engineering Department Representative and a member of the Engineering Faculty Council Committee. Yarmouk University, Jordan. (2012-2013)


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