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Ros Porter

Dr Ros Porter FIMA, FHEA, PGCert in Higher Education, PhD, PGCE, BSc (Hons)

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, Second Year Tutor


I am involved to varying degrees in a number of modules on the Mathematics degree with an emphasis on applied real world mathematics.

In particular I enjoy sharing my love of mathematical biology; from modelling how diseases spread to determining patterns of inheritance through genetics.


Department of Engineering and Mathematics

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

Mathematical Modelling 1 and 2; Statistical Theory and Methods; Mathematical Biology; I also lead on the Academic Advisor Programme for BSc Mathematics


I am currently involved in educational research projects looking at students attitudes to taking risks and making errors; the second year slump; course community; teaching methodology.


Journal articles

Cornock, C., Shukie, A., Porter, R., & O'Sullivan, D. (2021). Students being set up to make mistakes in class through an error-eliciting task. MSOR Connections, 19 (2), 4-9.

Porter, R., & Bartholomew, H. (2016). When will I ever use that? Giving students opportunity to see the direct application of modelling techniques in the real world. MSOR Connections, 14 (3), 45.

Porter, R., Norman, R.A., & Gilbert, L. (2013). A model to test how ticks and louping ill virus can be controlled by treating red grouse with acaricide. Medical and veterinary entomology, 27 (3), 237-246.

Porter, R., Norman, R.A., & Gilbert, L. (2013). An alternative to killing? Treatment of reservoir hosts to control a vector and pathogen in a susceptible species. Parasitology, 140 (2), 247-257.

Porter, R., Norman, R., & Gilbert, L. (2011). Controlling tick-borne diseases through domestic animal management: a theoretical approach. Theoretical Ecology, 4 (3), 321-339.


Rowlett, P., Cornock, C., & Porter, R. (2018). Student-led employability audit leading to undergraduate curriculum change. Presented at: Faculty of STA Teaching and Learning Conference 2018, Sheffield Hallam University

Other activities

Academic representative for the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications 

Member of the Parent and Carer Network Steering Group 

Actively involved in Athena SWAN work 

I have given a number of presentations on different aspects of Mathematical Pedagogy and Academic support.
Recent examples include:
'Students' attitudes to mistakes and risk' with Claire Cornock and Alex Shukie at CETL-MSOR 2019 and STA LTA conference.
'Putting the Second Year slump in context for Mathematics,' with Alex Corner and Claire Cornock at CETL-MSOR 2019 and STA LTA conference
'Sharing experiences of Academic Advising' with Patrick Johnson at STA LTA conference

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