Madhumita Pandey

Dr Madhumita Pandey PhD, MSc, BA(Hons), FHEA, PGCTHE

Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Internationalisation Lead


Madhumita works in the area of sexual offending, sex offenders and violence against women, particularly focusing on rape, in the Global South. She utilizes a feminist framework to work with both victims and perpetrators of gender-based violence to not only highlight women’s vulnerability but also men’s responsibility. Her research embodies Criminological and Sociological perspectives and she welcomes multidisciplinary collaborations. More recently, she has expanded the scope of her research to include women’s rights and menstrual health and hygiene and gender and climate justice.

PhD Criminology – Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, United Kingdom
MSc Clinical Psychology – Bangor University, Wales, United Kingdom
BA(Hons) Psychology – Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India
Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (PGCertHE) – Sheffield Institute of Education, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
Higher Education Academy UK – Fellow (FHEA)
Professional Certificate in Strategic Gender and Development Planning – International Centre for Parliamentary Studies, London, United Kingdom


Madhumita is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Internationalisation Lead in the Department of Law and Criminology who joined Sheffield Hallam in 2018. She is also the Course Leader for the Applied Human Rights/LLM Programme. Prior to this, she was working as an Associate Lecturer in Criminology at Anglia Ruskin University. Her doctoral research explored gender socialization and perceptions of culpability in the narratives of convicted violent offenders from South-Asia’s largest prison. This groundbreaking research was one of the first studies of its kind in India to examine perspectives of convicted rapists and garnered much attention internationally. Along with her PhD, Madhumita also graduated with the prestigious Ruskin Medal for ‘outstanding research with the most impact’. She is currently engaged in teaching, research, supervision and scholarly publications in the College of Social Sciences and Arts (SSA).


Department Of Law and Criminology

Madhumita is teaching on undergraduate modules within the Department of Law and Criminology.

Courses taught:
BA (Hons) Criminology
BA (Hons) Criminology & Sociology
BA (Hons) Criminology & Psychology
MA/LLB Applied Human Rights

Modules taught: 
Graduate Research and Development 1 and 2 (Level 4)
Applying Criminology (Level 4)
Foundations of Criminology (Level 4)
Global, Local & Civic Citizenship (Level 4)
Experiencing Criminal Justice (Level 5)
Identity, Diversity and Deviance (Level 5)
Sex, Violence and Extremism (Level 6)
Simulating Justice Practice (Level 6)
Undergraduate and Post-graduate Research Dissertation (Level 6 and 7)


National Organisation for Treatment of Offenders (NOTA) Project (2021): Service User desistance narratives post-treatment
Role: Co-Investigator
This one-year funded research project is a collaboration between a former service user, a graduate of the Northumbria Sex Offender Treatment Programme (SOTP), a current Horizon programme facilitator and academics from Sheffield Hallam University. The aim of this collaborative project, is to highlight the voice of service users who have committed sexual offences and have completed the SOTP. The broader context is to emphasize how interviews of ex-service users of the programme, who have experienced the 'pains of desistance', can lead to rich insights into how men who have committed sexual offences transition back into society and whether this can be sustained long-term.

Sheffield Hallam University and Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Festival of Social Sciences (2021)
Role: Event Lead
Funding is received to deliver the event “Through the Gates: Continued Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Men who commit Sexual Offences” at the Festival of Social Sciences for two consecutive years. The aim of this event is to bring together the voices of experts and service users in order to create a dialogue around the need for continued and sustainable rehabilitation to prevent future harm and victimization. This year, we will also welcome a short theatre performance by ex-prisoners led by Dr Rowan Mackenzie who is the Co-Chair of Shakespeare Beyond Borders Alliance and the Artistic Director of Shakespeare UnBard.

Social and Economic Research Institute (SERI), Sheffield Hallam University (2021-22)
Role: Early Career Research and Innovation Fellow
This award of the ECR&I fellowship came in the form of research time allocation of 0.4FTE for the academic year 2021-22. Under the fellowship scheme, four main research and scholarship deliverables were identified, which included completion of an edited volume as a part of Springer's new book series – Advances in Prevention and Treatment in Violence and Aggression; submission of journal articles from previous research; development of new manuscripts from the current research project and expansion of the successful GCRF India project through more external funding.

Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) India Project (2018-19): Justice for Her
Role: Co-Investigator
This two-year funded project was based in India and was led by the Principal Investigator Dr Sunita Toor. It involved collecting narratives from survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) along with focus groups with stakeholders such as Police, NGOs, Social Workers, Representatives of the Women and Child Commission etc. who are working on the ground to shape future policy and advocate for change in combatting GBV in the tribal communities of India concentrated in the state of Madhya Pradesh and Telangana. An extension of the project also involved documenting the narratives of survivors of GBV at India’s first One Stop Centre (OSC) Gauravi along with interviewing the members of staff in order to create a best practice model.

Essex Police Project (2017): Child Sexual Exploitation
Role: Research Assistant
This one-year project funded project was a collaboration between Policing Institute for the Eastern Region (PIER) of Anglia Ruskin University and Essex Police to combat the problem of child sexual exploitation. Her role involved assisting the Principal Investigator Dr Samantha Lundrigan and undertaking a Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) to understand CSE offender characteristics and offending patterns.


Pandey, M. (2016). Sex Slavery in India: Unpacking the Stories of Trafficking Victims. Sociology Study, 6 (10), 629-638.

Conference papers

Pandey, M. (2020). Gauravi: a case study of India’s first one stop centre for survivors of gender-based violence. In International Conference on Victim Assistance, Virtual, 30 October 2020 - 2020 (pp. 7). Centre for Victimology and Psychological Studies

Pandey, M., Lundrigan, S., & Moore, C. (2019). "Inmate” versus “Offender”: exploring post-conviction narratives of rapists from Delhi prison [abstract only]. In Criminology in the New Era: Confronting Injustice and Inequalities, San Francisco, USA, 13 November 2019 - 16 November 2019 (pp. 233). American Society of Criminology:

Pandey, M. (2017). Understanding gender socialization: interviews with convicted prisoners from New Delhi. In British Society of Criminology Conference, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 4 July 2017 - 7 July 2017 (pp. 23). British Society of Criminology:

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Pandey, M. (2016). Understanding Masculinity Ideology in Convicted Rapists. In International Symposium on Education, Psychology and Society, Kyoto, Japan, 29 March 2016 - 2016. Higher Education Forum:

Book chapters

Oliver, C., Fowler, A., Pandey, M., & Brown, P. (2023). Community Hubs: An Innovative and Desistance-Focused Approach to Probation for People Convicted of Sexual Offences. In International Perspectives on Gender-Based Violence. (pp. 195-207). Springer International Publishing:

Pandey, M. (2023). Conclusion: Combatting Gender-Based Violence: Reflections on a Way Forward. In International Perspectives on Gender-Based Violence. (pp. 227-232). Springer International Publishing:

Pandey, M. (2023). Introduction: Combatting Gender-Based Violence: A Multi-Approach Call to Action. In Pandey, M. (Ed.) International Perspectives on Gender-Based Violence. (pp. 1-11). Cham: Springer:

Lester, A., & Pandey, M. (2023). Exploring the Normalisation of Rape as Gender-based Violence in Lesotho. In Pandey, M. (Ed.) International Perspectives on Combating Gender-Based Violence. (pp. 67-85). Cham: Springer:

Kilby, L., & Staniforth, L. (2023). Islamophobia, gender and violence in discourse: Media representations of 'jihadi brides'. In Pandey, M. (Ed.) International Perspectives on Gender-Based Violence. (pp. 157-178). Springer:

Pandey, M. (2023). Exploring Rape as a Gender-Based Crime. In Ali, P., & Rogers, M.M. (Eds.) Gender-Based Violence: A Comprehensive Guide. (pp. 181-194). Springer Nature Switzerland: Springer:


Pandey, M. (2023). International Perspectives on Gender-Based Violence. Springer.


Pandey, M. (2021). Submissions to the UN SRVAW Thematic Report on Rape as a grave and systematic Human Rights Violation and Gender-based Violence Against Women. Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Pandey, M. (2021). Executive Report: An Examination of the One Stop Centre – Gauravi in Bhopal. Sheffield Hallam University.

Pandey, M., Grace, J., Magill, S., Tatton, S., Chaggar, A., & Lester, A. (2021). Home Office Call for Evidence on Violence Against Women and Girls - Recommendations from the Helena Kennedy Centre. Helena Kennedy Centre ffor International Justice.

Pandey, M., & Cius De-Hoog, F. (2019). Recommendations to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences. Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Internet Publications

Pandey, M., & Pande, P. (2022). Transforming the climate crisis into opportunity: A step towards gender equality.

Pandey, M. (2021). Set up to shelter abused women, one stop centres are not fully functional.

Pandey, M. (2019). Whom do we blame? [Magazine Story].

Other activities

Other Activities:

A vital as well as controversial theme emerging from Madhumita’s work has been how rapists are ordinary men and that they are in a unique position to give us information on sexual violence that is perpetrated in our society. This idea along with other findings from her work were presented in TED Talks India. TED Talks India is a ground-breaking series showcasing new thinking from some of the brightest brains in India and beyond. It is available to watch at:

Madhumita worked as a Consultant Psychologist on the highly acclaimed documentary India’s Daughter directed by Leslee Udwin, which was a part of BBC's Storyville series. The film is based on the 2012 Delhi gang rape and murder of 23-year-old "Nirbhaya”.  Meryl Streep and Sean Penn introduced the documentary at its US theatrical release in New York along with supporting the campaign to get it shortlisted for the Best Documentary Film at the Oscars. She was also invited by Channel 4 as an expert in sexual violence to participate in their new True Crime Unravelled documentary series on ‘The Cleveland Strangler’ which explores why US serial killer Anthony Sowell's choice of victim allowed him to go undetected for so long, claiming the lives of 11 female victims over a two-year spree. Link:

She was invited by UN Women USA to moderate and lead the panel discussion for their Covid fundraising event “India’s Covid Widows: A New Humanitarian Crisis” as well as for “Cities So Equitable”, an event envisioning the future of cities and celebrating UN Women’s Equiterra. Link:

Madhumita has also given various guest lectures. She was invited by The Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA), Milan for a guest lecture on Menstrual Health and Hygiene in Uttarakhand, India (2023) for the Masters student working on product service for local impact. She was the Keynote Speaker for the Colloquium -The Policy and Deliberation Forum at Hindu College, University of Delhi (2021). She was invited by School of Law and the School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Auro University, India (2021). She was a part of the Summer Resource Faculty for the 17th Asian Postgraduate Course on Victimology, Victim Assistance and Criminal Justice organised by the Centre for Victimology and Psychological Studies, O.P Jindal University, India in association with the World Society of Victimology (2021). She was invited for an international guest lecture by the Department of Humanities and Social Science at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati (2020). She was invited to the Indian National Police Academy in Hyderabad to deliver a session on her research with convicted rapists to senior police officers as part of a 5-day special training on crimes against women (2018). She delivered a guest lecture on the lack of research on sex offenders in India to the Department of Anthropology at University of Delhi (2017). She presented a session on sex trafficking in India to the post-graduate students of MA Organized Crime at Anglia Ruskin University (2015). She was invited to conduct a two-day seminar on “Internet Addiction: A new emerging clinical disorder? At Vignan International School and University Hyderabad, India (2015).

Madhumita sits on the Board of Advisors for DROR – India’s first and only women’s safety app that helps connect citizens to reach one another in times of distress. DROR’s core strategy has been shaped by some of the key themes from her research. She has also been a core part of The Sidhast Foundation (TSF), through which she supports various social and community initiatives that focus on women and children, through developing mechanisms aimed at service delivery and capacity building leading to social justice.

Postgraduate supervision

Madhumita supervises research students across different levels in the Department of Law and Criminology. She is currently supervising the doctoral research of Charlotte Oliver on “Probation and Sex Offending: A study of the staff and service user relationship in the UK”.

A selected list of past students and their range of research topics is presented below:

Anna Lester (MA in Human Rights) “The Societal Normalization of Rape: What are the cultural, societal and legal factors that have led to rape in Lesotho and South Africa?”

Katie Clarke (MA in Human Rights) “The Rough Sex Defense: The way women are treated by the UK Criminal Justice System”

Shradha Shaji (MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice Practice) “Exploring the Experiences of Domestic Abuse in LGBTQ community of India” as part of Work-Related Project.

Idowu Samson Ibitoye (MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice Practice) “Women's empowerment and mitigation of Domestic Abuse in Nigeria”


Madhumita’s article for The Conversation garnered over 197,000 reads and was republished by Yahoo UK news, The Wire, International Business Times, Business Standard, World News, The Quartz and CNN News 18. This can be found at

Madhumita was invited by France24 international news channel to discuss her research on their show called 51percent, which is a programme about women who are reshaping the world. 

Watch her interview at

Madhumita has been frequently invited to talk about her research on the radio with the BBC World Service, BBC Asia Network, KCBS San Francisco and WNYC Radio- New York.

Madhumita’s work has been widely published by international media. Her various interviews and research coverage can be found below–

The Independent -

The Times -

The Independent -

The Washington Post -

The New York Times:

National Public Radio – Official Blog -

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The Chicago Tribune-

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South China Post -

Sri Lanka Guardian -


Courrier Magazine Japan:

Slate Magazine France:

UOL Brazil:

AZMINE Brazil:

EXAME Magazine, Brazil:

De Morgan (Flemmish Newspaper, Belgium)

De Volkskrant (Dutch Daily Newspaper)

OPZIJ (Dutch feminist monthly magazine)


The Hindustan Times:

Times Now:

Zee News:

First Post:


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