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Dr Catherine Homer

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Dr Catherine Homer BSc (Hons), MA, PhD

Research Fellow, Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC)


Catherine is a Research Fellow based in the Physical Activity, Wellness and Public Health research group in the Sport and Physical Activity Research Centre and Co-Theme Lead for the Healthy and Active 100 theme at the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre.


Catherine was awarded her MA in Public Health with distinction from Sheffield Hallam University in 2011. Previously she completed her BSc (Honours) Physical Activity, Exercise and Health at Leeds Metropolitan University in 2003. In June 2020 Catherine completed her PhD titled – the patient experience of bariatric surgery: a longitudinal qualitive study.

Catherine is passionate about physical activity, wellbeing, public health, and related research which helps to address health inequalities and support people to live longer, healthier lives. Catherine has held practice roles in public health and physical activity development in local authorities and the NHS for 15 years.

Catherine is keen on developing and delivering coproduced research with the public and practice stakeholders. Catherine has been involved in setting up a Public Involvement in Research Groups (PIRG) to ensure the public review and contribute to research that is undertaken at the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre. She is a member of the Public and Research Collaborative (PaRC) management group and is working with colleagues at Leeds Beckett University and Public Health England to develop a Yorkshire and Humber Obesity Research Alliance to create applied research studies.


Research projects past and present

  • #Easiertobeactive
  • NIHR Public Health Research – Local Authority Research Systems: exploring the will and readiness for research in Wakefield
  • NIHR HS&DR Low Calorie Diet evaluation
  • Keeping Warm In Later Life
  • Warm Well Families
  • Childhood obesity: is it a child protection concern


Journal articles

Stickley, T., O'Caithain, A., & Homer, C. (2022). The value of qualitative methods to public health research, policy and practice. Perspect Public Health.

Nelson, P., Bissell, P., Homer, C., Pollard, L., & Powell-Hoyland, V. (2020). Is Childhood Obesity a Child Protection Concern? The British Journal of Social Work.

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Powell-Hoyland, V., Homer, C., Tod, A., Nelson, P., Cronin De Chavez, A., & Stocks, A. (2016). Cold Snaps - children’s health in a cold, damp home : influencing policy and practice. People, place and policy online, 10 (1).

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Tod, A.M., Nelson, P., Cronin de Chavez, A., Homer, C., Powell-Hoyland, V., & Stocks, A. (2016). Understanding influences and decisions of households with children with asthma regarding temperature and humidity in the home in winter a qualitative study. BMJ Open, 6 (1), e009636.

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Lusambili, A., Tod, A., Homer, C., Abbott, J., Cooke, J., & McDaid, K. (2011). Keeping warm: social connectedness and technology (a case study of Rotherham (England): technology and health in the elderly. The International Journal of Health, Wellness and Society, 1 (3), 27-42.

Conference papers

Homer, C., & Tod, A. (2016). Obesity and bariatric surgery : through the patients eyes. In RCN International Nursing Research Conference, Edinburgh.

Homer, C., Allmark, P., Ibbotson, R., Bhanbhro, S., & Tod, A. (2015). Weight gain following stroke : its everybody's business. In UK Stroke Forum 2015, ACC Liverpool, 2015 - 2015.

Homer, C., Allmark, P., Bhanbhro, S., Ibbotson, R., & Tod, A. (2014). Long term weight gain following stroke : exploring incidence and explanations. In BSA Medical Sociology Annual Conference, Aston University, Birmingham, 10 September 2014 - 12 September 2014.

Homer, C., Tod, A., Allmark, P., Bhanbhro, S., & Ibbotson, R. (2014). Weight gain after a stroke : the issue and control. In RCN 2014 Annual International Nursing Research Conference, Glasgow, 2 April 2014 - 4 April 2014.

Childs, C., Gwilt, A., Sherriff, G., & Homer, C. Old and Cold: Challenges in the Design of PersonalisedThermal Comfort at Home. In Christer, K. (Ed.) Design 4 health: Proceedings of the 3rd European Conference on Design4Health, (pp. 1-9). Sheffield: Sheffield Hallam University

Book chapters

Gwilt, A., Homer, C., Sherriff, G., & Childs, C. (2016). Community voices in design practice : a case study of understanding older adults’ clothing needs for keeping warm at home. In Futurescan 3 : Intersecting Identities. Creative and Print Services:


Homer, C., Allmark, P., Bhanbhro, S., Ibbotson, R., & Tod, A. (2015). Weight gain following stroke in younger age (below 70 years) in men and women: challenges and opportunities for prevention and action. Sheffield, UK: Collaboration for Leadership in applied Health Research and Care.

Cronin De Chavez, A., Tod, A., Homer, C., Nelson, P., Stocks, A., & Powell-Hoyland, V. (2013). Warm Well Families: Rotherham Final Report. Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

Nelson, P., Bissell, P., Pollard, L., Homer, C., & Powell-Hoyland, V. (n.d.). Is childhood obesity a child protection concern? Sheffield Hallam University.

Theses / Dissertations

Homer, C. (2020). The patient experience of bariatric surgery: a longitudinal qualitative study. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Nelson, P., Allmark, P., & Goyder, L.


Cronin De Chavez, A., Nelson, P., Tod, A.M., Hoyland-Powell, V., Homer, C., & Stocks, A.J. (2014). Managing children's health in a cold, damp home - fuel poverty and childhood asthma. Presented at: BSA Medical Sociology Group Annual Conference 2014, Birmingham, UK


Cronin De Chavez, A., & Homer, C. (2015). Keeping warm with sickle cell disease. Presented at: Migrant and ethnic health research: helping to make a fairer, healthier Scotland, Glasgow, UK, 2015

Homer, C., & Tod, A. (2014). Seeking normality from bariatric surgery. Presented at: 21st European Congress on Obesity, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2014

Homer, C., & Tod, A. (2014). Social networking and bariatric surgery : support or sabotage. Presented at: 21st European Congress of Obesity, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2014

Homer, C.V., & Tod, A.M. (2013). Expectations of bariatric surgery: myths and reality. Presented at: European Congress on Obesity, Liverpool, 2013

Homer, C., & Tod, A. (2012). The weight loss surgery journey: a view from the patients' side of the lens. Presented at: 18th Qualitative Health Research (QHR) Conference, Montreal, 2012

Homer, C., & Tod, A. (2012). What is the experience of obese people undergoing bariatric surgery in the UK? Presented at: BSA Medical Sociology Group Annual Conference 2012, University of Leicester, 2012

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