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Charles Boisvert MSc, PGCE

Senior Lecturer


I am a Senior Lecturer in Business Computing, where I teach relational databases in several courses and lead two modules on the subject.


I also teach MSc students on using databases for the Web with an introduction to the limits of relational databases, to ensure the students understand the criticisms and alternatives that exist to these systems.

I maintain a number of tools to improve the students' understanding of these concepts, particularly an SQL workbook and animated materials that are widely used to teach the subject.


Department of Computing

Business, Technology and Enterprise

  • Database Systems


I am currently involved in two strands of research. One is Computing Education, in which I create and evaluate tools, resources, and practices to improve the teaching of computing. These include, for instance, the eL-CID animations (Boisvert, 2009) or the programme of visits to schools (Adshead et al. 2015).

The second is Open Data, which offers a host of science and engineering challenges.

I am currently collaborating with the Better With Data Society, a social enterprise, to develop further tools to facilitate public contributions to improve the quality of open data.


  • Better With Data Society
  • Computing in Schools


Key Publications

Adshead, D., Boisvert, C., Love, D., & Spencer, P. (2015). Changing culture : educating the next computer scientists. ACM Proceedings - Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education, 33-38.

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Boisvert, C., Domdouzis, K., & License, J. (2018). A comparative analysis of student SQL and relational database knowledge using automated grading tools. Simposio Internacional de Informática Educativa (SIIE) 2018.

Boisvert, C. (2006). Web animation to communicate iterative development. Working Group Reports on ITiCSE on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education 2006, 173-177.

Boisvert, C., Roast, C., & Uruchurtu, E. (2019). Open Piping: Towards an Open Visual Workflow Environment. End-User Development : 7th International Symposium, IS-EUD 2019, Hatfield, UK, July 10–12, 2019, Proceedings, 11553 (11553), 183-190.

Boisvert, C. (2019). Teaching relational database fundamentals: a lack-of-progress report. Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on Computing Education Practice - CEP '19.

Love, M., Boisvert, C., Uruchurtu, E., & Ibbotson, I. (2016). Nifty with data: can a business intelligence analysis sourced from open data form a nifty assignment? In ITiCSE '16 : Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education. ACM

Conference papers

Boisvert, C. (2021). An Iterative Development Pattern to Learn Notional Machine and Programming Practices. In PPIG 2021, Virtual, 21 June 2021 - 25 June 2021.

Boisvert, C. (2021). Machine Notionnelle et Pratiques de la Programmation: Mieux Apprendre avec le Développement Progressif. In EIAH'2021, 7 June 2021 - 11 June 2021. Association des Technologies de l’Information pour l’Education et la Formation:

Boisvert, C., Roast, C., & Uruchurtu, E. (2021). Designing an Open Visual Workflow Environment. In PPIG 2020, Online, 30 November 2020 - 2020.

Boisvert, C. (2004). EL-CID: Communicating iterative program design. Proceedings of the 9th Annual SIGCSE Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education, 253.

Boisvert, C. (2004). Supporting program development comprehension by visualising iterative design. Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Visualization, 8, 717-722.


Djelil, F., Boisvert, C., Peter, Y., Secq, Y., Broisin, J., & De La Higuera, C. (2017). Vers une massification de l’apprentissage instrumenté de l’informatique, et une intégration des instruments et de leur évaluation. Orphée, reseau de l'e-éducation.


Boisvert, C., Domdouzis, K., & Love, M. (n.d.). An Open Workflow Environment to Support Learning Data Science. Presented at: Apprentissage Instrumente de l’Informatique, Font-Romeu (France), 2017

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