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Yashodhan Purandare

Dr Yashodhan P Purandare PhD, BE(Met), MInstP

Research Fellow


Yashodhan has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Strathclyde University, Glasgow. His research interests include Sputtering, HIPIMS, Surface Engineering, Tribology, Tribo-corrosion, and surface analysis. Since 2006 he has been involved in process development and optimisation for deposition of nanoscale multilayer coatings using Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering and HIPIMS. His development work covers a wide range of applications; from decorative coatings to hard-wear resistant, corrosion, high temperature oxidation resistant as well as bio-medical coatings for artificial joints. He was awarded the R.F. Bunshah award by the ASED (AVS), USA for his work in erosion-corrosion studies involving PVD coatings in 2004.

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