Daryl May

Dr Daryl May

Interim Deputy Head of Department Service Sector Management


Daryl has been conducting research and teaching at Sheffield Hallam University since 2001. His research focus has primarily been on facilities management in the NHS, and specifically workforce development for facilities staff and how to assess the impact of facilities management in terms of health outcomes. Daryl is currently the Subject Group Leader for the Events Management team and previously was the Postgraduate Programme Leader for Department of Service Sector. He is an executive member of the Association of Events Management Educators (AEME). Prior to working at Sheffield Hallam University, Daryl worked for the Department of Health as a facilities manager.



  • 2013: PhD Ward Housekeepers in Healthcare: An exploratory review of the role of the ward housekeeper, UCL
  • 2004: MA Social Science Research Methods, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
  • 1997: BSc Business and Technology, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
  • PG Cert Teaching in Higher and Further Education,

Internal Leadership position with external engagement


  • 2015: , Association for Event Management Education (AEME), United Kingdom
  • 2009: , Association for Event Management Education (AEME), United Kingdom

UG External Examiner


  • 2017: , University of Gloucestershire


  • 2013 to 2016: , University of West London
  • 2013 to 2017: , Glasgow Caledonian University
  • 2012 to 2017: , Greenwich School of Management, United Kingdom
  • 2011 to 2015: , Leeds Metropolitan University

Dept of Service Sector Management Sheffield Business School

Teaching expertise

  • Events Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Post Graduate Research - MRes


  • Service Sector Management

Industry Links

  • Contract research
  • Member of prof body


Department of Service Sector Management

Sheffield Business School

Events Management


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Conference papers

Price, I., & May, D. (2008). Lean healthcare assets challenge FM performance measurement conventions. In European Facility Management Conference 2008, 7th EuroFM Research Symposium, Manchester, 10 June 2008. http://domains.euroforum.com/efmc2008/

Book chapters

Crowther, P., Orefice, C., & May, D. (2014). Strategic Event Creation (Chapter 1). In Sharples, L., Crowther, P., May, D., & Orefice, C. (Eds.) Strategic Event Creation. (1st). (pp. Mar-20). Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers Ltd


Sharples, L., Crowther, P., Orefice, C., & May, D. (Eds.). (2014). Strategic Event Creation. Oxford, UK: Goodfellow Publishers Limited.

Sharples, L., Crowther, P., Orefice, C., & May, D. (Eds.). (2014). Strategic Event Creation. Oxford, UK: Goodfellow Publishers Limited.

Theses / Dissertations

Pease, N.A. (2009). Implementing an appraisal and development framework in healthcare : An action research study. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Brayford, J., Hill, C., May, D., & Price, I.


May, D. (2017). How you feel about the Tour de France depends on how you experience it: A study of the emotions experienced by attendees and non-attendees.

May, D. (2014). Learning to Network: experiential learning and behaviour: a case studies of events management students.

Kerr, A., & May, D. (2011). An exploratory study looking at the relationship marketing techniques used in the music festival industry. http://doi.org/10.1057/rlp.2011.8

Idris, J., May, D., Rowley, C., Abson, E., & Lynn, A. (n.d.). Group work selection methods and the impact on student outcomes and satisfaction. Presented at: International Conference on Events, Making New Waves in Africa: Exploring New Frontiers in Festivals and Events

Other activities


  • 2014: Emerald Literati Club 2004 "Highly Commended Award" for Evaluation of the new ward housekeeper role in UK NHS Trusts paper, Emerald Publishing
  • 2013: Sheffield Business School Inspirational Teaching Award 2013, Sheffield Hallam University
  • 2012: 2011/12 Sheffield Business School Teaching Excellence Scheme - Winner of the ‘Experienced Lecturer category’, Sheffield Hallam University
  • 2011: 1st Inspirational Teaching Award from Sheffield Hallam University, 2011, Sheffield Hallam University
  • 2010: Paper (Patient Choice in the NHS: How critical are Facilities Services in influencing patient choice?) selected as one of ten from over 450 for the monthly Emerald journal highlights, Emerald Publishing
  • 2008: Emerald "Reviewer of the Year" award for the Facilities Journal 2008, Emerald Publishing


  • 2013: Sheffield City Ambassador, Sheffield City Council

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