Natalie Grinvalds

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Natalie Grinvalds MPH, BSc, CHES

Workplace Wellness Practitioner


Workplace wellness practitioner and doctoral researcher in physical activity, lifestyle, behaviour change and public health.


UKactive, NCSEM


Poster abstract at International Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH): Grinvalds, N., Copeland, R.,
Shearn, K. & Bourke, L. (2018). The development of a realist theory of change for the co-location of clinics within leisure centres to place physical activity at the heart of the NHS.

Abstract at American Public Health Association (APHA): Purcell, A.,  Sherwood-Laughlin, C., Barnes, P.,
Fraser, N., Dolne, H., Lazelle, K., Grinvalds, N., & Alvarez, D. Implementation of a childhood obesity prevention program in an afterschool setting by nursing, pre-med and public health college students. American Journal of Public Health.

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