Ellie Munro

Ellie Munro

Research Associate


I am a researcher in social policy and history with a focus on voluntary action research. I have previously worked for various charities and campaigns around disability, health, children's rights, women's rights, community action and higher education.


I joined the Centre for Economic and Social Research in May 2022, after finishing my PhD at the University of Birmingham. My research focuses on voluntary action and its role in community support and welfare systems at a local and national level, in the 20th and 21st century. I work across history, social policy and social theory disciplines and methods, with a particular focus on archival research and neo-institutional theory. I have worked as a Visiting Lecturer at City University of London and the University of Wolverhampton, delivering courses on the history of voluntary action, philanthropy and campaigning. I have also worked extensively in the voluntary sector, both in internal and consultancy roles, with a focus on policy, campaigning, research and evaluation across a range of social policy areas. I work part-time for CRESR, and balance this with my other job as a campaigner at the University and College Union (UCU).


2023-2024 Community Led Social Prescribing, Local Trust. Role: Member of research team.

2018-2023 Evaluation of Black Thrive, Healthwatch Lambeth. Role: Member of research team.

2019-2021 Future Parks Accelerator programme evaluation, National Lottery Heritage Fund / National Trust. Role: Member of research team.


Journal articles

Munro, E., & Todd, Z. (2023). Hidden Leaders: access to leadership roles for disabled people in the voluntary sector. Voluntary Sector Review. http://doi.org/10.1332/204080523x16916872207296

Munro, E. (2021). 100 Years of NCVO and Voluntary Action: Idealists and Realists by Justin Davis Smith (2019). Voluntary Sector Review, 12 (2), 305-306. http://doi.org/10.1332/204080520x16062123481285

Todd, Z., Rana, A., Emina-Bougard, L., & Bhandal, J. (2018). Civil Society Voices four-part series on diversity, inclusive leadership and emerging leaders. Civil Society.

Kelly, L., & Munro, E. (2018). Youth services try to mould young people – how about they help young people mould society instead? The Conversation.


Munro, E., Dayson, C., & Bashir, N. (2023). Evaluation of the Black Thrive Lambeth Employment Project: briefing for funders. Sheffield Hallam University. https://www.shu.ac.uk/centre-regional-economic-social-research/publications/evaluation-of-the-black-thrive-lambeth-employment-project-briefing-for-funders

Bashir, N., Dayson, C., & Munro, E. (2023). Evaluation of the Black Thrive Lambeth Employment Project: briefing for system stakeholders. Sheffield Hallam University, Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research. https://www.shu.ac.uk/centre-regional-economic-social-research/publications/evaluation-of-the-black-thrive-lambeth-employment-project-briefing-for-system-stakeholders

Bashir, N., Dayson, C., & Munro, E. (2022). The Black Thrive Lambeth Employment Project: a summative assessment of impact and systems change. Sheffield Hallam University, Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research. https://www.shu.ac.uk/centre-regional-economic-social-research/publications/black-thrive-a-summative-assessment-of-impact-and-systems-change

Bashir, N., Dayson, C., & Munro, E. (2022). The Black Thrive Lambeth Employment Project: Summary of Key Findings About Impact and Systems Change. Sheffield: Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, Sheffield Hallam University. https://www.shu.ac.uk/centre-regional-economic-social-research/publications/black-thrive-summary-of-key-findings-about-impact-and-systems-change

Dobson, J., Eadson, W., Harris, C., & Munro, E. (2022). Future Parks Accelerator evaluation: final report. National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Eadson, W., Dobson, J., Dempsey, N., Harris, C., & Munro, E. (2022). Future parks accelerator: key findings and recommendations. Sheffield Hallam University, Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research. https://www.shu.ac.uk/centre-regional-economic-social-research/publications/future-parks-accelerator-key-findings-and-recommendations

Todd, Z., & Munro, E. (2021). Hidden Leaders: Disability Leadership in Civil Society. ACEVO. https://bit.ly/3s5tVIS

Gibney, J., Clarke, H., Kubenz, V., & Munro, E. (2021). Disability and leadership: new challenges – new possibilities. University of Birmingham. https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/documents/college-social-sciences/business/research/leadership-place/final-summary-report-august-2021.pdf

Munro, E., & Kell, J. (2020). Pandemic patient experience: UK patient experience of health, care and other support during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Patients Association. https://bit.ly/34ef1GV

Munro, E. (2020). Anti-microbial Stewardship Programmes in Primary Care: 2020 Progress Report. The Patients Association. https://bit.ly/3IlmgOY

Munro, E. (2019). Act to Adapt: Access to home adaptations for people with motor neurone disease. https://bit.ly/2C81d5m

Munro, E. (2019). Caring for carers of people with MND: how Government can help. Motor Neurone Disease Association. https://bit.ly/3pd8oi4

Munro, E. (2014). Analysis of Transforming Local Infrastructure. National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA). https://bit.ly/2EvTDk4

Other activities

Chair, Voluntary Action History Society (VAHS)
National Organiser, University and College Union (UCU).

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