Dr. Dora Chan

Dr Dora Chan


Having acted as the Quality Lead since 2012 for the Department of Finance, Accounting and Business Systems assuring and driving quality and standards, from early 2016 I have changed role and become the Leader of the Business and International Top-ups Programme.  Putting on my new "hat", I work with various teams and partner institutions to ensure that our modules and courses meet the needs of both industry and society and that our students get a high standard of academic experience and achievement.  Most important of all, we are here to support and inspire students and helping them to have a happy and fruitful educational journey at Sheffield Hallam. 


In addition to the management role, I have been teaching and leading on a range of strategic management accounting modules at undergraduate, postgraduate and professional levels.  Also, I have been leading on postgraduate Research Methods and Dissertation modules and acting as a supervisor for masters', MRes and PhD dissertations on a range of accounting, banking and strategic management topics.   Supporting and empowering students so that they can fulfil their potential is both my profession and my passion.   Having obtained my masters' and PhD awards from Sheffield Hallam University, I have been putting this experience into teaching, supervision and research.


In 2014/15 I was nominated by students as one of the winners of the University wide Inspirational Teaching Award.  It is a very prestigious award which recognises the high standards of teaching and support I delivered and the impact that I had on students' lives.  In the same year, I was chosen as the winner of the Faculty-wide Teaching Excellence Award.  I am very humbled to receive these awards on behalf of many colleagues whom I have worked closely with to deliver a high standard of teaching and support to students.  I am very proud to be a member of the collegiate community at Sheffield Hallam.  




  • 2002: PhD Control of International Joint Venture in China - A Case Study Investigation, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
  • 1992: Master of Business Administration, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
  • 1991: PGD Management Studies, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Member of professional body


  • 2016 to 2017: , Higher Education Academy (HEA)

UG External Examiner


  • 2016: External examiner for BA Business Studies and Hospitality Management, University of Ulster, United Kingdom
  • 2016: External Examiner for BA Business Studies, Leeds Beckett Univeristy, United Kingdom

Validation Panel Member

External validation panel member

  • 2017: Overseas Franchise Approval - External Assessor, Canterbury Christ Church University, Hong Kong
  • 2016: Overseas Course validation - External Assessor, Canterbury Christ Church University, United Arab Emirates
  • 2016: Overseas course validation, Canterbury Christ Church University, Hong Kong
  • 2016: Institutional approval - panel member, Dearne Valley College

Teaching expertise

  • Management Accounting
  • Post Graduate Research - PhD
  • Strategic Management Accounting


  • Control strategies in joint ventures and alliances


Department of Finance, Accounting and Business Systems

Sheffield Business School

Fin Accounting & Man Accounting


Journal articles

Abidoye, A., Awolowo, I.F., & Chan, D. (2024). Bridging the Gap: Integrating Forensic Accounting Skillsets for Enhanced Audit Quality in the Post-Pandemic Era. Journal of Forensic Accounting Profession, 3 (2), 63-81. http://doi.org/10.2478/jfap-2023-0010

Elfakir, A., Fairchild, R., Lamrani Alaoui, Y., Chan, D., Tkiouat, M., & Amer, Z. (2023). Kinship, gender and social links impact on micro group lending defaults. International Journal of Finance & Economics. http://doi.org/10.1002/ijfe.2786

Berger, R., Chan, D., & Wing, M. (2019). The impact of managerial characteristics on business strategies under the environmental change: an investigation of the Israeli diamond industry. Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. http://doi.org/10.1080/08276331.2019.1641660

Chan, D., Clark, M., Garrow, N., & AWOLOWO, F. (2018). Accounting scandals: Beyond Corporate Governance. Pacific-Basin Finance Journal.

Awolowo, I., Garrow, N., Clark, M., & Chan, D. (2018). Accounting scandals: beyond corporate governance. Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing, 14 (8), 399-407. http://doi.org/10.17265/1548-6583/2018.08.001

AWOLOWO, F. (2016). Financial Statement Fraud: The Need for a Paradigm Shift to Forensic Accounting. International Journal of Social, Behavioural, Educational, Economic, Business and Industrial Engineering, 10 (3), 976-980.

Conference papers

Awolowo, I., Abidoye, A., & Chan, D. (2022). Reshaping the credibility of audits for the new normal – a forensic accounting skillsets agenda. In 2022 ANZAM Conference, Gold Coast, Australia, 2022 - 2022 (pp. 335-352). ANZAM - Australian & New Zealand Academy Of Management: https://www.anzam.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/BC8905_ANZAM-Papers-and-Abstracts-Conference-Solutions_JAN-2023.pdf

Awolowo, I., Garrow, N., Clark, M., & Chan, D. (2018). Accounting scandals: Beyond corporate governance. SSRN Electronic Journal. http://doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.3101057

Theses / Dissertations

Awolowo, I. (2019). Financial Statement Fraud: The Need for a Paradigm Shift to Forensic Accounting. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Chan, D. http://doi.org/10.7190/shu-thesis-00230


Chan, D., Garrow, N., Clark, M., & AWOLOWO, F. (2017). Financial Statement Fraud: Auditors are not to be blamed.

Chan, D., & Pandya, K. (2015). How environmental sustainability links to financial performance: a case studies of the automotive industry.

Chan, D. (2014). Control of International Joint Ventures - an integrative perspective.

Postgraduate supervision

Current supervisions

  • 2016:PhD (2 students)

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