Robert Scaife

Robert Scaife BSc (Hons), MMedSci

Senior Sport Science Officer


Rob's main research interests are the effects of ageing on electromechanical delay and postural control.


Rob has been part of the Sheffield climbing fraternity for over 20 years and has competed both nationally and internationally. His current sporting interests include cycling and running.


Rob is currently working on a range of projects in both the sport and public health fields including:

Providing physiology support for athletes and as part of the Integrated Team for Sport Performance (ITSP)

Research on different types of physical activity to maintain mobility and reduce the risks of falls in the elderly in collaboration with Active Sheffield (Sheffield City Council)

Development of the Sheffield Altitude Centre - acute mountain sickness testing and hypoxic treatment

Educational workshop coordinator


Journal articles

Flint, S., Scaife, R., Kesterton, S., Humphreys, L., Copeland, R., Crank, H., ... Carter, A. (2016). Sheffield Hallam Staff Wellness Service: four year follow-up of the impact on health indicators. Perspectives in Public Health, 136 (5), 295-301.

Wheat, J., Haddad, J., & Scaife, R. (2012). Between-day reliability of time-to-contact measures used to assess postural stability. Gait & Posture, 35 (2), 345-347.

Wheat, J., Scaife, R., & Haddad, J.M. (2006). Reliability of time-to-contact measures to assess postural stability. Journal of Biomechanics, 39 (s1), S556.


Sport science officer Rob's main area of expertise is in sport and exercise physiology, with his main interests being athlete support (physiology), and exercise research with clinical populations. He is part of the Podium Performance team, which, housed in Sheffield Hallam's Centre for Sport and Exercise Science, delivers performance solutions to a wide range of regional, national and international athletes, teams and businesses. He recently worked with World Cup final referee Howard Webb to prepare him for working at high altitude in South Africa.

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