Gavin Abernethy

Dr. Gavin Abernethy PhD, MMath

Lecturer in Engineering Mathematics


I joined Sheffield Hallam University in 2018 after completing my PhD at Ulster University. I primarily teach mathematical techniques to students on engineering courses, and conduct research in mathematical modelling. In particular, I am interested in simulating population dynamics upon complex adaptive networks.


I studied mathematics at the University of St Andrews, where I developed an interest in real and abstract analysis, fractal geometry and chaos and dynamical systems. Returning to Northern Ireland, I undertook a PhD in the artificial intelligence research group at Ulster University on mathematical models of evolutionary food web development. This mainly consisted of developing population models and programming large-scale numerical simulations in Fortran 90. Following completion of this, I joined Sheffield Hallam University in August 2018. In my present post, my main responsibility is teaching applied mathematical techniques to engineering students, such as the use of differential equations, matrix methods, and Fourier series. I am continuing research on ecological models with spatial and evolutionary elements, and have recently developed an interest in applying similar techniques to epidemiological contexts. Occasionally, I also publish pedagogical discussions of undergraduate population modelling projects.


Department of Engineering and Mathematics

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

Subject Area

Physics and Engineering Mathematics.


Maths for Materials and Design; Railway Engineering Mathematics for Apprentices.


My current interests are concerned with simulating different kinds of population dynamics superimposed upon complex adaptive networks. These include: - Eco-evolutionary models of the co-evolution of species populations in spatial networks, and the applications of these models to conservation science. - Epidemiological models structured by space and age, to help us understand the spread of infectious diseases during a pandemic and seek optimal management strategies. - Models of ideological dynamics in social groups.


Journal articles

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