Dr Jameson Gill

Dr Jameson Gill

Senior Lecturer in Marketing



  • 2015: Doctor of Philosophy - Evaluating Memetics: A Case of Competing Perspectives at an SME, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
  • 2008: Masters - SSRM, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom


Department of Management

Sheffield Business School



Journal articles

Gill, J., & Price, I. (2021). A meme-based research programme for management and organization studies. International Journal of Management Reviews. http://doi.org/10.1111/ijmr.12285

Gill, J. (2012). An extra-memetic empirical methodology to accompany theoretical memetics. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 20 (3), 323-336. http://doi.org/10.1108/19348831211243839

Conference papers

Gill, J., & Ko, V.Y.-.T. (2022). Brand value co-construction in celebrity YouTuber focused communities. In Global Brand Conference, Sheffield.

Gill, J. (2015). The story's end : a narrative analysis of entrepreneurial exit. In EURAM 2015, Warsaw.

Koenig, S.P., & Gill, J. (2015). Investigating the uncertainty of new international ventures via micro marketing discourse research : a case of mixed e-commerce and physical channels. In EURAM 15, Warsaw.

Gill, J. (2014). Evaluating the meme concept : the case for a cultural optimon. In EURAM 2014, Valencia, 4 June 2014 - 7 June 2014.

Gill, J. (2011). Memes and narrative analysis: A potential direction for the development of neo-Darwinian orientated research in organisations. In Eruam 2011, Tallinn. European Academy of Management

Gill, J. (2011). An Investigation of cultural complexity via memetics: Methodological rationale and its operationalisation. In Sheffield Doctoral Conference, Sheffield, 19 April 2011 - 20 April 2011.


Gill, J. (2017). Synthesising the meme concept with theories of organisation: Concept development and theoretical connections. Presented at: EGOS17 pre-Colloquium Development Workshop: Writing Theory Papers for the Academy of Management Review and Organization Studies, Copenhagen

Other publications

Gill, J. (2015). Book Review: Entrepreneurship across the Generations: Narrative, Gender and Learning in Family Business. SAGE Publications: http://doi.org/10.5367/ijei.2015.0186

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