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Said Ibeggazene

Said Ibeggazene PhD

Clinical Science Research Fellow


I work as Research Fellow on an NIHR funded programme grant (STAMINA - Supported exercise TrAining for Men with prostate caNcer on Androgen deprivation therapy), aiming to develop and integrate exercise into the NHS prostate cancer care pathway.


I have a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from Loughborough University and a PhD in cardiovascular exercise physiology from the University of Leeds. I have worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Academic Vascular Surgical Unit at Hull Royal Infirmary. I have previous experience as an Athletics Coach (sprints) and a personal trainer. My professional interests are broadly underpinned by an interest in applied exercise physiology and how evidence about the benefits of exercise promotion for health improvement is generated and used.


STAMINA programme - Supported exercise TrAining for Men with prostate caNcer on Androgen deprivation therapy.


Journal articles

Ibeggazene, S., Stirrup, A., Pymer, S., Palmer, J., Cai, P.L., Smith, G.E., & Chetter, I.C. (2022). The Edinburgh claudication questionnaire has poor diagnostic accuracy in people with intermittent claudication. Vascular.

Ibeggazene, S., Pymer, S., Birkett, S.T., Caldow, E., & Harwood, A.E. (2022). A systematic review of exercise intervention reporting quality and dose in studies of intermittent claudication. Vascular.

Pymer, S., Ibeggazene, S., Palmer, J., Tew, G.A., Ingle, L., Smith, G.E., ... Harwood, A.E. (2021). An updated systematic review and meta-analysis of home-based exercise programs for individuals with intermittent claudication. Journal of Vascular Surgery, 74 (6), 2076-2085.e20.

Harwood, A.E., Pymer, S., Ibeggazene, S., Ingle, L., Caldow, E., & Birkett, S.T. (2021). Provision of exercise services in patients with peripheral artery disease in the United Kingdom. Vascular.

Reale, S., Turner, R., Sutton, E., Steed, L., Taylor, S.J.C., Morrissey, D., ... Bourke, L. (2021). Embedding supervised exercise training for men on androgen deprivation therapy into standard prostate cancer care: a feasibility and acceptability study (the STAMINA trial). Scientific Reports, 11 (1), 12470.

Birkett, S.T., Harwood, A.E., Caldow, E., Ibeggazene, S., Ingle, L., & Pymer, S. (2021). A systematic review of exercise testing in patients with intermittent claudication: A focus on test standardisation and reporting quality in randomised controlled trials of exercise interventions. PLOS ONE, 16 (5).

Ibeggazene, S., Turner, R., Rosario, D., & Bourke, L. (2021). Remote interventions to improve exercise behaviour in sedentary people living with and beyond cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis. BMC Cancer, 21 (1).

Ibeggazene, S., Moore, C., Tsakirides, C., Swainson, M., Ispoglou, T., & Birch, K. (2020). UK cardiac rehabilitation fit for purpose? A community-based observational cohort study. BMJ Open, 10 (10).

Pymer, S., Harwood, A., Ibeggazene, S., McGregor, G., Huang, C., Twiddy, M., ... Chetter, I.C. (2020). High INtensity Interval Training In pATiEnts with intermittent claudication (INITIATE): protocol for a multicentre, proof-of-concept, prospective interventional study. BMJ open, 10 (7).

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