Jennifer Rainbow

Dr Jennifer Anne Rainbow MA, MA, LLB (Hons)

Senior Lecturer in Criminology


Jennifer has worked at Sheffield Hallam since August 2014, and since then has been awarded University Inspirational Teaching Awards (in 2015, 2016 and 2018 - you can only get three!) and was one of the six finalists of the Oxford University Press Law Teacher of the Year Award in 2016. Her research lies in the area of prisons, gender and sexual violence. She complete a LLB (Hons) in Law at Manchester University in 2006, a MA in International Criminology from the University of Sheffield in 2007, and her PhD in Criminology at the University of Sheffield (supervised by Dr Maggie Wykes and Professor Stephen Farrall) in 2011. She also decided to undertake her MA in Education at Sheffield Hallam University, which she achieved in 2017 with a distinction.


Jennifer Rainbow (formerly Jennifer Sloan) has been involved in a variety of projects since completing her PhD on men in prison in 2011, including working with Dr Maggie Wykes at Sheffield University on researching Sexual harassment and sexism in South Yorkshire, and also on Dr Wykes' British Academy funded project looking at the prosecution of sexual violence in South Africa and England and Wales. She has also worked on Dr Sunita Toor's project looking at improving access to justice for women and girls who are victims of violence in India, as well as working with Professor David Best and Dr Paula Hamilton looking at Stigma in student populations. She co-founded the Sheffield Hallam University Genders Network (before going on maternity leave!).

Jennifer's doctoral research has been published by Palgrave Macmillan, and she is also co-author of The Handbook of Prison Ethnography, also published by Palgrave. She is currently working on another book in the field of prisons research, to be published by Routledge.

Gender, Prisons, Sexual Violence, Justice, Stigma, Comparative/International Criminal Justice, International Student Mobility


Department Of Law and Criminology

College of Social Sciences and Arts

Subject Area



Jennifer is module leader for the level 4 module 'Criminological Landscapes'; the level 6 modules 'Sex, Violence and Extremism' and 'Criminal Justice Compared'; and the level 7 module 'Researching Human Rights'.


Journal articles

Sloan, J. (2017). Sex doesn't matter? The problematic status of sex, misogyny, and hate. Journal of Language and Discrimination, 1 (1), 61-82.

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Sloan, J. (2012). ‘You Can See Your Face in My Floor’: Examining the Function of Cleanliness in an Adult Male Prison. The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 51 (4), 400-410.

Book chapters

Rainbow, J.A.S. (2018). Male prisoners' vulnerabilities and the ideal victim concept. In Revisiting the 'Ideal Victim': Developments in Critical Victimology. (pp. 263-278).

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Sloan, J. (2016). Masculinities and the adult male prison experience. Palgrave Macmillan UK.

Rainbow, J.A. (n.d.). Researching Prisons. Routledge.

Other activities

On the Editorial Board for the Journal of Language and Discrimination.

On the Editorial Board for ‘Emerald Advances in Masculinities’ book series.

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