Yasanur Kayikci

Dr Yasanur Kayikci BSc, MA, MSc, PhD, Dipl.-Ing., Dr.rer.soc.oec.

Associate Professor in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


I am an Associate Professor in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. My research interests include digital supply chain, technology management and Industry 4.0 powered digital applications in logistics and supply chain (AI, IoT, blockchain, big data, digital twin, physical internet), digital supply chain transformation, business model innovation, collaborative platforms/business models, smart circular economy, sustainability, sharing economy, on-demand services and urban mobility, and decision support systems.


I am currently working as an Associate Professor in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Sheffield Business School. Prior to this position, I worked as a Head of Department and Associate Professor in Industrial Engineering at state universities in Turkey and Austria. I have over 25 years of industrial, consulting, and academic experience working on digital supply chains, sustainable supply chains, industrial digital transformation, logistics information system design, and implementation projects with a wide range of UK, US, European and Asian organisations.

I hold a PhD degree in Information Management from Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria. The PhD thesis was awarded as the best PhD thesis among Austrian universities for outstanding research from the Dr Maria Schaumayer Foundation in Austria. I obtained MSc and BSc degrees in Industrial Engineering from Graz University of Technology, Austria. I also hold a Docent degree in Industrial Engineering, which is an Associate Professor qualification approved by the Inter-University Council in Turkey.

I have worked with many organisations on interdisciplinary research projects and generated more than £2 million in funding from various national and international funding agencies, such as the European Union's Horizon 2020, the British Council, Newton Fund, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Royal Academy of Engineering, the German Academic Exchange Service. I have successfully completed many consultancy projects to support the industrial digital transformation of large, small, and medium-sized companies, especially in the manufacturing, automotive, transportation, electronics, and food sectors.

I focus mainly on the SBS research themes of digital transformation and sustainable supply chains to solve complex research problems to promote digital supply chain transformation and to propose sustainable solutions for different logistics and supply chain systems. I have published more than 100 methodological as well as empirical peer-reviewed scientific articles, conference papers, technical reports, books, book chapters, and trade magazine articles. I have published most of my research outputs in highly reputed ABS* international journals including Journal of Business Logistics, Journal of Business Research, Production Planning & Control, Annals of Operations Research, Business Strategy and the Environment. My research interests are multidisciplinary, based on quantitative and qualitative research and multi-method approaches, drawing theoretical inspiration and methodological support from operations research/management, business analytics, management science, information systems research, decision-making, cognitive science, and management studies to design and develop innovative business models and decision-making tools.


Department of Finance, Accounting and Business Systems

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

Subject area 

Business Operations and Systems 


Relevant projects 

Sheffield Innovation Programme
EU's Horizon Europe Programme
EU's Horizon 2020 Programme



Journal articles

Rejeb, A., Rejeb, K., Kayikci, Y., Appolloni, A., & Treiblmaier, H. (2023). Mapping the knowledge domain of green procurement: a review and bibliometric analysis. ENVIRONMENT DEVELOPMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY. http://doi.org/10.1007/s10668-023-03948

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Conference papers

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Book chapters

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Postgraduate supervision

I am supervising PhD students and post-doctoral researchers (funded or self-funded) in my research areas. I am hosting external PhD students and post-doctoral fellows from all over the world.

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