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Peter O'Neill

Dr Peter O'Neill PhD, FHEA, BSc (Hons)

Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering, Graphics and Multimedia


After working at Barnsley District General Hospital NHS for sixteen years, running my own company and then returning to Barnsley Hospital in conjunction with Sheffield University to undertake research in the area of Voice Input Voice Output Communication Aid.

  • About

    I am presently employed in a full time position teaching modules at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

    My areas of research still focus on Electronic Assistive Technology and I have built connections with, Materials and Engineering Research Institutes within the University in order to use robotics. In addition, I have started a relationship with Fountaindale School in Nottingham for severely disabled children.

    Electronic Assistive Technology (EAT) and usage evaluation.
    Alternative devices input methods.
    Assistive devices for the disabled and elderly population.

  • Teaching

    Department of Computing

    Business, Technology and Enterprise

    Software Engineering, Graphics and Multimedia

    Software Engineering

    Computer Programming


    Programming for Computing

    Object Orient Analysis Design and Implementation
    Mobile Applications


    MSc Group Projects

  • Research

    Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
    Madhouse Software Productions Limited
    Pride-N-Joy Limited

  • Publications

    Browne J and O’Neill P, (2014). “Improving Privacy in Communication Aids”. Communication Matters Annual Conference.

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    Acosta-Marquez C, Bradley D, Hawley M, Brownsell S, Enderby P, Buri H, Mawson S, Scott E & O'Neill P (2006) Design requirements and user interfacing for a rehabilitation robot for the lower limbs. 2006 IEEE Conference on Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics, Vols 1 and 2 (pp 499-504)

    O’Neill P, (2006), Doctorate “Enhancing the Prescription of Electric Assistive Technology”, Sheffield Hallam University.

    O'Neill P. (2004), “The Introduction of the Ultimate Switching Environment (USE)”, RAATE Centre of Rehabilitation Engineering, King's College London FAST, The Foundation for Assistive Technology IPEM, The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine.

    Hawley, M.E., Enderby, P., Green, P.D., Brownsell, S., Hatzis, A., Parker, M., Carmichael, J., Cunningham, S. P., O'Neill, P., Palmer, R. (2003) “STARDUST; Speech Training And Recognition for Dysarthric Users of Assistive Technology” In Assistive Technology – Shaping the Future, ed. Craddock et al., IOS Press, 2003: pp 959-964.

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    O’Neill P, (2000a), “Enhancement of Integrated Electronic Assistive Technology”, Celebration of Innovation. Post-Graduate Research Poster Competition, The Yorkshire and Humberside Universities Associations, University of Leeds.

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