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Steve Mvalo

Dr Steve E.H. Mvalo MSc, FHEA, PGCE, CCNAI

Lecturer in Computer Systems and Networks


Steve Mvalo is currently pursuing a doctorate research with the University of Reading specialising in the applicability of cloud computing learning tools in enabling learners to construct their own knowledge. Steve is a fellow member of HEA and PGCE qualified, demonstrating his expertise in teaching, learning & assessment in Further and Higher Education. Steve is also an expert in computer networks & security engineering. He has been working in industry like banks, ISPs for over 15 years before graduating with an MSc in Computer Network Systems. Steve is also an expert in Cisco Networking; he is a qualified CCNA Instructor.

  • About

    Steve has worked in a range of different educational institutions, including both public and private industries in the field of computer network engineering since 1993. This supports his extensive knowledge and experience in developing and delivering computer network systems across a broad spectrum of education phases. Steve is a pragmatic and hands-on person who aims at quantifying success rather than just talking. Other than lecturing, for the past 15 years, Steve has been actively designing and developing Higher Education curricula. While working with South Essex College for Further & Higher Education (SECFHE) for 8 years, Steve had been the pioneer and a Programme Team Leader for Bsc (Hons) Network Technology accredited by the University of Essex. Steve led periodic review for Network Technology degree programme which went on successful. In this review, for quality assurance, it involved checking the quality and validity of learning and teaching, learning resources, assessments, students’ satisfaction, employers’ engagement and external university partners. It is through this mixed experience of his academia and industrial expertise in computer networks that Steve is currently pursuing a doctorate research.

    Steve is an ambitious professional who is strategic, innovative, confident, passionate and excellent in carrying out challenging and risky projects. While working at SECFHE, Steve took over the role of Adult Curriculum Development Manager on secondment. He developed and managed adult short courses in four academies which were all successful. Within 7 months Steve successfully produced 101 learners giving an overall success rate of 89%. Besides, Steve was involved in a number of projects like strategic application of 24+ loans that the UK Government introduced and Cisco Networking Academy. Steve developed User-Centred Design at eLearn Project and can be accessed through this link: Steve also developed HNC/HND in Computing & Systems Development approved by Pearson.

  • Teaching

    Department of Computing

    Business, Technology and Enterprise

    Computer Systems and Networks

    Bsc (Hons) Computer Networks

    Bsc (Hons) Computer & Information Security
    Bsc (Hons) Computer Security with Forensics

    Bsc (Hons) IT with Networks

    Msc in:

    LAN Design & Implementation
    WAN Design & Implementation

    Network Security
    Cloud Computing

    Bsc in:

    Network Fundamentals

  • Research

    Currently Pursuing a Doctorate research with the University of Reading – majoring in the applicability of Cloud Computing Learning Tools (CCLT) to enable learners construct their own knowledge

  • Publications

    Conference papers

    Mvalo, S., & Bates, C. (2018). Students’ understanding of computational thinking with a focus on decomposition in building network simulations. In CSEDU 2018 Proceedings : 10th International conference on computer supported education, (pp. 245-252). SCITEPRESS:

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