Lewis Newton

Lewis Newton BA (Hons)



I am a lecturer in Nursing and Midwifery based within the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing. I am part of Nursing and Midwifery's Clinical Skills and Simulation Team, aiming to promote and develop teaching and learning through simulation.

I am a registered paramedic by clinical background and have clinical experience from working both within an NHS ambulance service and also a primary care setting, as well as in teaching.

I also work as part of the Clinical Skills and Simulation Team in the Training and Education Department of a local NHS teaching hospital, where I teach and support the learning of staff working in a wide range of different post registration clinical roles.


My interest in teaching and education led to me taking a position at Sheffield Hallam, where I support undergraduate and postgraduate pre-registration nursing and midwifery students. I also supplement teaching and learning on post-registration courses, and in other areas of health and care outside of nursing such as Physician Associate Studies.

Being a paramedic by background, I am particularly interested and experienced in acute illness, emergency and prehospital care, caring for the deteriorating patient and advanced life support.

I have a keen interest in simulation in health care and health care education, and in the role it plays in supporting the development of clinicians, patient safety and learning around human factors.

As lecturer in clinical skills and simulation, my role is predominantly to support teaching and learning through these methods, and to promote the development, growth and delivery of these areas within the curriculum and our programmes here at SHU.


Nursing and midwifery.

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