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Cadet Nichola Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Cadman Dr Daniel Lecturer in English Literature
Cadman Dr Louisa Senior Lecturer in Human Geography
Cadman Victoria Lecturer in Operating Department Practice
Caine Jamie Senior Lecturer in Information Systems
Calvert Richard Chief Operating Officer
Campbell Alison Senior Lecturer in Food
Campbell Lesley
Campbell Dr Susan Senior Lecturer In Biological Sciences
Canter Dr Lily Principal Lecturer and Subject Group Leader for Journalism
Caparrelli Dr Fabio Senior Research Fellow
Cardwell Sarah Senior Lecturer In Real Estate
Carolan Dr Vikki Principal Lecturer and Undergraduate Delivery Manager
Carter Anouska Senior Sport Science Manager
Carter Dr Caron Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education
Carter Dr Emma Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Carter Martin Principal Lecturer
Cassidy Kathryn Senior Lecturer In Physiotherapy
Castleton Dr Holly Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Cavan Sean Head of Strategic Business Engagement
Cecchinato Mandy Senior Lecturer, Children Young People and Families
Cere Dr Rinella Reader in Media and Cultural Studies
Cerulli Dr Cristina Senior Lecturer in Architecture
Chamberlain Professor Paul Co-Director C3RI, Head of Art and Design Research Centre, Director of Lab4Living and Director of Design Futures
Chamberlain Stephanie Senior Lecturer In Marketing
Chan Dr Dora
Chapman Professor Hilary Visiting Professor
Chappell Dr Andrew
Chapple Professor Christopher Visiting Professor
Charles Phil Sl In Screenwriting
Charlesworth Dawn Senior Lecturer
Charlish Peter Principal Lecturer
Charlton Michael Senior Lecturer
Chauhdry Hayley Lecturer In Adult Nursing
Cheetham Tony Principal Lecturer in Real Estate
Chen Dr Tzu-Yu Research Associate
Chen Dr Wei Senior Lecturer
Cheng Dr Lixin Principal Lecturer in Chemical Engineering
Cherrington Dr James Senior Lecturer
Chesters Ian Research and KE Support Manager
Childerhouse Dr Helen Associate Lecturer
Childs Professor Charmaine Professor of Clinical Science
Chiu Dr. Chuang-Yuan Researcher
Choo Lip Sy Lecturer In Financial Reporting
Choppin Dr. Simon Senior Research Fellow
Chowbey Punita Research Fellow
Christer Kirsty Research Associate
Christopher Sarah Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Practice
Christy Elizabeth Research Assistant
Churchill Dr Sarah Senior Lecturer
Cinderey Dr Lynn Senior Lecturer
Ciolfi Professor Luigina Professor of Human Centred Computing
Clague Lucy Research Fellow
Clark Deborah Senior Lecturer
Clark Dr Jodie Senior Lecturer In English
Clark Dr Murray PhD Programme Leader
Clark Dr Simon Head of Physics
Clarke Dr David Principal Research Fellow
Clarke Jo Lecturer in Sport Business Management
Clarke June Principal Lecturer
Clarkson Melanie Senior Lecturer
Claxton Dr David Senior Lecturer
Cleaver Professor Doug Director of the Doctoral School and Professor of Materials Modelling
Clegg Dr David Programme Leader: Mechanical, Materials and Design Subject Group
Clegg Dr Francis Senior Research Fellow
Clench Professor Malcolm Professor of Mass Spectrometry
Clifton Brett Senior Lecturer In Tesol
Coldron Professor John Emeritus Professor
Coldwell Dr Mike Head of Centre for Development and Research in Education
Cole Dr Bankole Reader in Criminology and Human Rights
Cole Professor Ian Principal Research Fellow
Cole Dr Laura Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Coleman Dr Charlotte Principal Lecturer
Coleman Maureen Senior Lecturer
Coleman Richard Principal Research Fellow
Colley Rachael Senior Lecturer in Jewellery and Metalwork
Collier Penny Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering, Graphics and Multimedia
Collingwood Dr Peter Subject Group Leader in Software Engineering, Graphics and Multimedia
Collins Jill Senior Lecturer/Project Manager
Collins Emeritus Professor Karen Professor of Health Services Research
Collins Mark Senior Lecturer In Radiotherapy and Oncology
Conheeney Diana Senior Lecturer
Conneally Anne Senior Lecturer And Course Leader
Connolly Annaliese Senior Lecturer
Constable Andrew
Cooke Chris Lecturer in Directing and Screenwriting
Cookson Glen Senior Lecturer
Coombes Dr Philip Lecturer In Marketing
Cooper Dr Carol Senior Lecturer
Cooper Dr David Senior Lecturer
Cooper Martin Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering, Graphics and Multimedia
Cooper Naomi Senior Lecturer Primary ITT Courses
Cooper Richard
Copeland Professor Robert Professor of Physical Activity and Health
Copley Jo Practice Learning Placement Manager for Social Work
Corazzo James Principal Lecturer in Graphic Design and Departmental Lead for Learning, Teaching and Assessment
Corner Dr Alex Lecturer in Mathematics
Cornock Dr Claire Senior Lecturer and Course Leader
Cotterell Dr Bryony Postdoctoral Researcher
Coule Dr Tracey Reader
Counsell Alison Senior Lecturer
Cour Caron Lecturer In Business, Operations And Systems
Court Rosemary Senior Lecturer
Cowburn Professor Emeritus Malcolm
Cowell Tony Senior Lecturer in Secondary Education
Cox Dr Katharine Head of English
Cox Zoe Senior Lecturer in Building Engineering
Craig Dr Claire Co-Director, Lab4Living
Craik Godfrey Principal Lecturer
Crank Dr Helen Principal Research Fellow
Cranton Professor Wayne Assistant Dean, Research
Craven Jacqueline Senior Lecturer
Crawford Dr Susie Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science, Biomechanics
Crisp Richard Reader
Crofts Bridget Principal Lecturer
Crone Dr Michael Senior Lecturer In International Business
Crooks Dr Lucy Senior Lecturer in Genomics and Bioinformatics
Cropper Andrew
Cross Dr Alison Senior Lecturer in Biosciences
Cross Dr Neil Reader in Cancer Biology
Crowe Professor Lynn Professor of Environmental Management
Crowther Dr Paul Deputy Head of Department
Crowther Dr Phillip
Crowther Sarah Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Course Leader in Physiotherapy
Crudgington Dr Helen Business Development Administrator
Cudzich-Madry Dr Michal
Cui Dr Xinjun Course Leader for BEng/MEng Aerospace Engineering
Culliney Dr Martin Research Fellow
Cunliffe-Charlesworth Dr Hilary Principal Lecturer in Media and Public Relations and Department Lead for Learning Teaching and Assessment
Cunningham Oli Senior Lecturer in Architecture
Curtis David Principal Research Fellow & Deputy Director
Curtis Laurence Senior Lecturer Supply Chain Management and Procurement
Cutforth Christopher Senior Lecturer
Cutts Dr Katie Senior Lecturer In Psychology

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