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Staff profiles

Da Costa Abreu Dr. Marjory Senior Lecturer
Da Silva Dr Carlos Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering
Dale Sue Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Daley Joanne Corporate Partnerships Lead & Principal Lecturer
Dallison Amy Lecturer in Children's Nursing
Dalton Dr Caroline PhD Reader in Neuroscience and Genetics
Damm Dr Christopher Research Fellow
Daneyko Doctor Olga Senior lecturer in Psychology
Daneyko Dr Olga Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Course Leader MSc Psychology
Danickova Eva Lecturer, Acute & Critical Care (adult nursing)
Daniels Dr Karen Associate Professor in Early Literacies
Darabi Dr Fariba Senior Lecturer in International Business
Darder Dr Laia
Darwent Dave Senior Lecturer: E-Learning Technologist, and Course Leader: PGCert Digital Teaching & Learning
Davey Michelle
Davey Steffi Researcher (Interactive Design)
Davids Professor Keith Professor of Motor Learning
Davies Dr Kathy Researcher
Davies Professor Larissa Professor of Applied Sports Economics
Davies Dr Marc (Chris) Lecturer
Davies Dr Sergio Senior lecturer
Davila Garcia Dr Maria Luisa Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence
Davis Grace Senior Lecturer
Davison Rachel Research and Innovation Officer
Dawson Lynne Senior Lecturer
Day Dr Catherine Principal Lecturer (Psychology)
Day Patricia Senior Lecturer
Day Tony Head of Technology and Development
Dayson Professor Chris Professor of Voluntary Action, Health and Wellbeing
de Berg Dr Anna Senior Lecturer in Intercultural Studies
De Normanville Clare Principal Lecturer in Adult Nursing
De Silva Dr Rondy Principal Lecturer in International Business
Deakin Dr Emmie Course Leader
Deakin James Physiotherapy Lecturer
Dean Dr Dianne Professor of Consumption Values and Practices
Dean Jon Associate Professor in Politics and Sociology
Dearden Professor Andy Professor of Interactive Systems Design
Debney Matthew Graduate Teaching Assistant in Sport
Dein Jenny Senior Lecturer in Secondary Education
Deller Dr Ruth Reader in Media and Communication
Demack Sean Senior Lecturer
Demissie Dr Fufy Senior Lecturer in Early Years Education
Dempsey Elizabeth Senior Lecturer
Deng Dr Wei Research Fellow
Denniss Rebecca Doctoral Researcher
Denton Mark Senior Lecturer (Quantity Surveying) and Assistant Course Leader BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying
Denton Mr Mark Senior Lecturer
Desforges Dr Luke Academic Director
Devaney Dr Chris Research Fellow (Oak Foundation)
Develin Deborah Senior Lecturer In Practice Education
Dewis Pamela Principal Lecturer
Dexter Matt Research Associate
Dharmadasa Senior Staff Grade Professor I. M. Principal Lecturer and Senior Staff Grade Professor
Dhillon Professor Sital Head of Department of Law & Criminology, Director of the Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice
Di Betta Dr Anna Senior Lecturer In Psychology
Di Nuovo Dr Alessandro Professor of Machine Intelligence
Dickinson Dr Jill Senior Lecturer, Evaluation and Teaching and Learning (Secondment)
Dillon Aimi Lecturer, Acute & Critical Care (adult nursing)
Dinsdale Norman Senior Lecturer
Dirisu Dr Mohammed Lecturer
Dobson Dr Julian Senior Research Fellow
Dodd Susan Research Support Manager
Doel Professor Mark Emeritus Professor
Doherty Dr Kathy Head of Postgraduate Research
Dolan Chris Research Development Manager (Grants and Systems)
Domdouzis Konstantinos Senior Lecturer
Doncaster Anne Lecturer in Digital Media Production
Doncaster Simon
Doney Mike Lecturer in Illustration
Donnelly Alan Researcher-Student Research & Engagement
Donovan Andrew Lecturer of Construction Project Management
Doran Dr Adele Principal Lecturer
Doughty Joanne Senior Lecturer
Douglas Roderick Senior Lecturer in Computer Systems and Networks, Course Leader for BSc Hon Computer and Information Security
Dowd Anna Senior Lecturer In Quantity Surveying
Dowey Dr Natasha Senior Lecturer in Geoscience
Dowling John Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design
Doxey Cara Senior Lecturer in Primary Education
Drabble Dr Jennifer Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology
Drake Amelia Lecturer
Dredge Dr Sarah Senior Lecturer
Drever Joy Associate Lecturer
Drew Dr Peter Senior Lecturer
Drew Rachel Research and Innovation Officer
Drewery Dr Claire Senior Lecturer
Drury-Smith Heather Senior Lecturer
du Rocher Dr Andrew Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Duarah Soumya Researcher
Dubey Dr Bipro Nath Lecturer in Food and Chemical Engineering
Duckett Dr Catherine Senior Lecturer in Analytical Science
Duffy Dr Marc Senior Lecturer
Dulake Nick Senior Industrial Designer
Duncan Professor Rory Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)
Dunn Heather PhD Candidate/Associate Lecturer
Dunn Jenny Impact Manager
Dunn Dr Katie Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Dunn Dr. Marcus Senior Research Fellow
Dunning Dr John Principal Lecturer Of Hospitality Management
Durant Lindsay Midwifery Lecturer
Durber Jeff Senior Lecturer, Collaborative Course Leader BA Jewellery and Metalwork (SHU/SHAPE Hong Kong)
Durkins Sarah Relationship Manager Sheffield Innovation Programme

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