Dr Ruth Deller

Dr Ruth A Deller SFHEA

Reader in Media and Communication


I am a Reader in Media and Communications, and I also teach on several media related modules. My research and teaching interests are varied but involve thinking about media representations of religion and gender, fan and audience studies, soap opera, celebrity, social media and reality/factual television.


I'm interested in media in all its shapes and forms and this is one of the reasons why I enjoy working in the Media Arts and Communications department at Sheffield Hallam University, which offers a broad spectrum of courses and modules in these areas. I currently teach modules on audience research, celebrity culture and media identities and representations, as well as supervising undergraduate and postgraduate research.

I'm interested in supervising PhD students in a range of areas relating to media and communication, especially social media, media representations, media audiences, celebrity or fan studies.

I have published widely on topics such as religion and the media, social networking, gender in the media, media fandom, media audiences, soap opera, celebrity, social justice, research ethics and factual TV. I'm currently working on a monograph about religion on television and articles on YouTube celebrity (with Kathryn Murphy), soap opera and religious celebrity.

I am also a member of my college research ethics committee and the college validation panel. For several years I served as a programme leader for courses in the communications area and have an interest in curriculum design, student experience and interdisciplinary teaching and research.

I am a regular contributor to television and radio, as 'Dr Ruth' I am a regular film and media expert for Radio Sheffield and always happy to liaise with media and external organisations. I enjoy running workshops for community groups, which I have done on topics such as women's magazines and social justice practices.

Outside of my work here, I am actively involved in amateur theatre. I also write for several entertainment websites and have recently completed my first novel.

Specialist areas of interest

Media and religion
Fans and audiences
Social media
Media representations
Soap opera
Reality and factual television
Qualitative research
Social justice
Research ethics
Curriculum design


Subject area

Media and Photography


Public Relations and Media
Public Relations


Media Audiences
Media Identities and Representations
Celebrity Culture
Applied Project/Dissertation


Collaborators and sponsors

PhD funded by AHRC 2008-11


Journal articles

Deller, R.A. (2023). Book Review: Special Issue of Journal of Popular Television on ‘Histories and new directions: Soap opera/serial narrative research’. Critical Studies in Television: The International Journal of Television Studies, 18 (4), 500-502. http://doi.org/10.1177/17496020231198597

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Book chapters

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Theses / Dissertations

Murphy, K.D. (2021). Joe Sugg: authenticity, self-branding and networking from YouTube microcelebrity to mainstream star. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Deller, R., & Mcseveny, K. http://doi.org/10.7190/shu-thesis-00399

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Internet Publications

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Postgraduate supervision


Kathryn Murphy
Annie Watson


Kurniwan Saputro
Fahd Alsolamy


Ruth (aka 'Dr Ruth') Is a reader and principal lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University whose work covers a range of aspects of media and communication. Her main areas of research include fan and audience studies, celebrity, television, social media, gender, and religion although her teaching and research covers a broad spectrum of topics. She is a regular contributor to Radio Sheffield providing, film and media reviews, and has been interviewed for a number of documentaries and publications on a variety of topics.

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