Joanne Doughty

Joanne Doughty MSc, DiP

Senior Lecturer


Joanne has been the Clinical Education Lead for the Radiotherapy team since 2007, and has been heavily involved in the support of level 4 students as they move into the University. Academically, she have been involved in various projects to support student’s development of study and writing skills.


Joanne qualified as a Therapy Radiographer in 1991 and from 1999-2002 was employed in a joint post as a Link Tutor/Superintendent III with Leeds University and Cookridge Hospital (Yorkshire Centre for Clinical Oncology). From 2002-2007 she was as employed as a Professional Development Facilitator at Sheffield Hallam University, based at Cookridge Hospital.

She has worked at Sheffield Hallam as a full-time lecturer since 2007 with responsibilities in both pre-registration and post-registration teaching.

She has been a module leader for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, delivered on the Assistant Practitioner programme, been the module leader for the Return to Practice Programme and runs both BSc and MSc modules. Joanne will now be taking on the role of the Course Leader for the BSc Radiotherapy and Oncology programme.

Joanne was the first Radiotherapy Accredited Practice Educator with the College of Radiographers and is a Society and College of Radiographers Assessor.

She is the CPD Lead for Radiotherapy, coordinating the university's approach to CPD and enhancing links with both our partner sites and external users. She manages the Radiotherapy and Oncology CPD Online site and coordinates on both Sheffield Hallam and Doorstep delivery CPD days.

Specialist areas of interest

Joanne's main teaching areas are portfolio theory and development, pebblePAD, reflective practice, personal and professional development and clinical education


College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences


Journal articles

Nightingale, J., Mcnamara, J., & Posnett, J. (2019). Challenges in recruitment and retention: Securing the therapeutic radiography workforce of the future. Radiography, 25 (1), 1-3.

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Probst, H., Eddy, D., Doughty, J., & Hodgson, D. (2009). Integrating e-learning into postgraduate radiotherapy and oncology education: a case study. E-Learning and digital media, 6 (4), 363-371.

Doughty, J., & Hodgson, D. (2009). Evaluation of a new clinical support model in radiotherapy practice. Nurse education in practice, 9 (1), 28-35.

Other activities

Jane has been an active member in several Faculty development or special interest groups including the Faculty Placement Group, Faculty CPD Group, Radiotherapy Research Group, pebblePAD Special Interest Group, Disability Support Group and the Professional Development Portfolio Special Interest Group.

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