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Staff profiles

Haake Professor Steve Professor of Sports Engineering
Hackett Professor Abigail Professor of Childhood and Education
Haddock Dr Gail Senior Lecturer
Haggerty Dr John Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security
Haghighi Movahed Siavosh Senior Lecturer in Computer Systems and Networks, Course leader for MSc Advanced Computer Networks
Hajdu Charles Senior Lecturer Airline and Airport Management BSc
Hall Dr Adrian Principal Lecturer
Hall Christopher Senior Lecturer, Digital Post Production
Hall Ian Member of the Audit and Risk Committee
Hallewell Gail Research and Knowledge Exchange Manager
Halliday Dr Ian Reader
Halliday Joelle Senior Research Fellow
Hamer Rebecca Research Associate
Hamilton Dr Alex Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry
Hamilton Andrew Senior Lecturer, Course Leader for Computer Science for Games
Hamilton Professor Douglas Professor of History
Hamilton Nick Principal Research Fellow
Hamilton Dr Paula Senior Lecturer
Hammerton Dr Jackie Principal Lecturer
Hammond Dr Catherine Senior Lecturer in Planning
Handforth Dr Rachel
Hanley Peter Part-time Senior Lecturer-Practitioner Physiotherapy
Hannam-Swain Stephanie Senior Lecturer
Hannan Mohammed External Co-Opted Member of the Audit and Risk Committee
Hanson Dr Katie Senior Lecturer
Hanson Maria Course Leader
Harcus James Senior Lecturer In Diagnostic Radiography
Hardcastle Dr Sarah Associate Professor in Physical Activity and Health
Harding Lee Senior Lecturer
Harman Stephanie Senior Lecturer
Harness David Professor of Services Management
Harness Tina Deputy Head Of Department Of Management
Harrington Jerome Research Degree Student
Harris Catherine Research Fellow
Harris-Evans Dr. Jean Senior Research Fellow
Harrison Dr Anne-Marie Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Science
Harrison Emma Senior Lecturer in Quantity Surveying
Harrison Nicola Senior Lecturer
Harrison Shirley Associate Lecturer
Hart Gemma Senior Research Fellow
Hart Dr. John Senior Research Fellow
Hartle Stephanie Senior Lecturer
Hartley Rebecca Senior Lecturer in Law and Criminology
Hassani Saeed Senior Lecturer for Computer Systems and Networks
Hastings Christopher Lecturer, Paramedic Practice
Hattersley Dr David Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Hatton Dr Amanda Senior Lecturer In Children and Childhood
Hawkins Anna Senior Lecturer in Environmental Social Science
Hawley Glyn
Haya-Baviera Maud Senior Lecturer in Photography
Hayes John Principal Lecturer in Creative Media, International Business Developer
Haynes Dr Lylah Senior Lecturer in Mathematics and Placement Tutor for Mathematics, Visiting Tutor
Haynes Natalie Senior Lecturer
Haywood-Small Dr Sarah Senior Lecturer
Head Dr Jeremy Principal Lecturer
Healey Dr Joan Senior Lecturer
Heap Dr. Vicky Reader in Criminology
Heath Professor Virginia Professor of Film
Heaton Caroline Senior Lecturer (Research, Evaluation and Student Engagement)
Heaton Colleen Head Of Recruitment
Heaton-Stockton Kate Lecturer
Helks Dr Marie Head of Area for Primary Postgraduate provision; Staff group lead
Heller Dr. Ben Associate Professor
Hembrough David Senior Sport Science Officer
Henderson Ian Project Manager – Sheffield Innovation Programme
Hepplestone Stuart Senior Lecturer
Herigstad Dr Mari Lecturer
Heron Dr Emma Head of Teaching, Learning and Assessment, College of Social Sciences and Arts
Heselton Mike Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at Sheffield Hallam University
Hext Andy Researcher
Hickman Professor Paul Research Lead, Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics
Higginbotham Lee Senior Lecturer
Hinchliff Sally Senior Lecturer Modern Foreign Languages, Primary & Secondary
Hindmarsh Chloe Senior Lecturer
Hintea Dr Diana Deputy Head of Department
Hinxman Lynda Assistant Dean, Employer Engagement
Hird Dr Andrew
Hirsch Laurie Senior Lecturer in Computing
Hirst Dr Craig Senior Lecturer
Hobson Deborah Senior Lecturer In Paramedic Practice
Hobson Jennifer Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology
Hodge Professor Nick Professor of Inclusive Practice
Holborn Catherine Senior Lecturer
Holland Dr Claire Principal Lecturer
Holland Pamela Senior Lecturer In Nursing
Hollis Simon Senior Lecturer
Holloway Dr Alan Subject Group Leader
Homer Dr Catherine Associate Professor of Obesity and Public Health
Honeywell Dr Carissa Senior Lecturer In Politics/Political S
Honnor Alison Impact Manager
Hooper Peter Associate Lecturer/Senior Lecturer
Hope Christine Associate Lecturer
Hormis Professor Anil Consultant in Anaesthesia & Critical Care
Hossain Dr Mohataz Senior Lecturer in Environmental Architecture & Technology
Houldsworth Doctor Austin Lecturer
Hovsepian Professor Papken Head of Thin Films Research Centre
Hubbard Lorna Associate Lecturer
Hudson Dr. Chris Senior Research Fellow
Hudson Frazer Senior Lecturer - Illustration
Hudson Jeni Senior Lecturer
Hufford Jamie Senior Lecturer
Hughes Patricia Senior Lecturer in Mental Health and Level 4 Lead BSc Nursing ICC
Hughes Stephen Lecturer in TESOL
Hulme James Lecturer in Law
Humphreys Dr Helen Senior Research Fellow
Humphreys Liam Research Fellow
Hurley Dr Matthew Senior Lecturer in Politics & International Relations
Hurst Janette Senior Lecturer, Course Leader - BA Business and Management
Husain Fazila
Husain Ms Lopa Course Leader
Hutchinson Michael Senior Lecturer in Media and Public Relations
Hutton Jenny Senior Lecturer
Hynes Mrs. Catriona Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Imaging
Hynes Patricia Professor of Social Justice

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