Gemma Hart

Gemma Hart MA, BSc

Senior Research Fellow


Gemma has worked for SIRC since 2006. Gemma has an MA in Research Methods and has substantial experience in both qualitative and quantitative research methods.  Gemma's work has largely focused on sports participation, school and community sport. Gemma has worked on national evaluation projects for clients such as Sport England (Sport Unlimited, School Games) the Youth Sport Trust and the Department of Health and Social Care.


Gemma has been involved in a wide range of monitoring and evaluation projects, predominantly with a focus on increasing participation rates in sport and physical activity. 

In 2019, Gemma project managed a physical activity review on behalf of the Department of Health. This review aimed to provide an evidence base around the ways in which schools address the needs of the least active, in turn identifying how schools can be supported to engage these children in more regular physical activity.

Gemma project managed the School Games Impact Study, which is a flagship policy helping to realise a sports participation legacy for school children from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The programme aims to increase participation in competitive school sport and the impact study covers all four levels of the programme, from intra school competition through to a national level finals event. The programme of evaluation involved working with a wide range of stakeholders including; School Games Organisers, Local Organising Committees, National Governing Bodies and young people. As part of this programme, schools are able to apply for a Mark award which recognises the commitment made to competitive school sport by schools. Gemma has also managed the validation programme for the Mark award scheme, alongside the School Games impact study. This validation programme aimed to ensure the quality of the award scheme and over the course of 3 years, all 450 School Games Organisers received a validation visit in at least 2 schools within their area.




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