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Jenny Hutton

Jenny M Hutton

Senior Lecturer, Design Course Leader BA Jewellery and Metalwork


I am course leader for the BA (Hons) Jewellery and Metalwork. I teach on all levels of the undergraduate degree in both the UK and on our collaborative course at the Hong Kong Design Institute. I also teach on the MA/MFA Design programme.

Critical and theoretical perspectives inform my research agendas which are multifaceted and explore both Jewellery practice and Art and Design Pedagogy.

My current research explores the ways in which people give agency to objects and how people build narrative identities.

  • About

    I have worked in a diverse range of materials and use a range of processes. My research projects are practice-led. Previously I explored the role of objects in interpersonal communication from the perspective of my jewellery making practice. My research took into account theories of emotion that recognised our motivation for sharing experience in order to develop a sense of self.  I have published within the field of design and emotion and at Asian design conferences.

    These experiences have continually informed my teaching career within the higher education sector. Working with diverse international student cohorts and across a range of Art and Design disciplines: I have always used object-based methods to stimulate communication and elicit narratives. These approaches have supported students in finding their creative voice and developing their visual language.

    Continuing this interest my current research looks at displacement on a micro and macro level considering how jewellery objects can express, inform and support narrative identities and empower individuals.  I am using the making of critical jewellery artefacts to elicit discussion and explore identity and displacement.

    As an advisor for the Journal of Jewellery Research I support the critical framing of the discipline.

    In my role as an external examiner at York College I share best practice within the field and explore the position and value of ‘Making’ courses within Higher education.

    Specialist areas of interest

    Narrative identity
    Sense of Self
    Objects and Agency
    Art and Design Education

  • Teaching

    Subject area

    Jewellery and Metalwork


    BA Jewellery and Metalwork
    MA/MFA Design


    J&M Critical Reflection 1 
    J&M Critical Reflection 2
    J&M Creative Practice 1 and J&M Creative Practice 2
    J&M Independent Creative Direction J&M Independent Creative Practice
    J&M Critical Research Project
    MA - Project 2, MA Project

  • Publications

    Conference papers

    Hutton, J., & Press, M. (2003). Heartfelt - The possibilities for physical objects to act as mediators in emotional exchange and implicationsfor the design process. In 6th Asian Design Conference, Tsukuba, Japan, 14 October 2003 - 17 October 2003.

    Book chapters

    Hutton, J., & Wallace, J. (2004). Making Sense : Using an experimental tool to explore the communication of jewellery published inDesign and Emotion the Experience of Everyday Things. Edited by Deana Mc Donagh, Paul hekkert, Jeroen Van Erp, Diane Gyi. In McDonagh, D., Hekkert, P., Van Erp, J., & Gyi, D. (Eds.) Design and Emotion : the experience of everyday things. (pp. 144-149). London and New York: Taylor and Francis:

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