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Stephanie Hannam-Swain BSc, MSc

Lecturer in Education


I teach predominantly on the Education Studies and Education, psychology and counselling undergraduate degrees. I am also conducting my Doctoral research into Disabled people and self-harm. 


Education Studies 

Education, Psychology and Counselling 


Disabled people and self-harm 


Journal articles

Hannam-Swain, S., & Bailey, C.J. (2021). Considering Covid-19: Autoethnographic reflections on working practices in a time of crisis by two disabled UK academics. Social Sciences & Humanities Open, 4 (1), 100145.

Taylor, C.A., Gannon, S., Adams, G., Donaghue, H., Hannam-Swain, S., Harris-Evans, J., ... Moore, P. (2019). Grim tales: Meetings, matterings and moments of silencing and frustration in everyday academic life. International Journal of Educational Research, 99, 101513.

Knipe, D., Williams, A.J., Hannam - Swain, S., Upton, S., Brown, K., Bandara, P., ... Kapur, N. (2019). Psychiatric morbidity and suicidal behaviour in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis. PLoS Medicine, 16 (10), 1002905.

Gannon, S., Taylor, C., Adams, G., Donaghue, H., Hannan-Swain, S., Harris-Evans, J., ... Moore, P. (2019). ‘Working on a rocky shore’: Micro-moments of positive affect in academic work. Emotion, space and society.

Hannam-Swain, S. (2017). Safe with self-injury: a practical guide to understanding, responding and harm-reduction. Disability and Society, 33 (1), 143-145.

Hannam-Swain, S. (2017). The additional labour of a disabled PhD student. Disability and Society, 33 (1), 138-142.

Other activities

Call handler for Stop Hate UK 

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