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Staff profiles

Lacey Dr Melissa Senior Lecturer in Microbiology
Lagos Dr Konstantinos Senior Lecturer
Lal Ranbir Subject Group Leader for Interior Architecture and Design
Lalanne Dr Stéphane Senior Lecturer in Law
Lamarque Dr Muriel Lecturer in Public Health
Lamb Mr Martin Research Associate
Lambert Professor Paul Visiting Professor
Langdon Jude Senior Lecturer
Langdon Judith Lecturer In Sport Development
Langley Dr Joe Principal Research Fellow - Design Research
Lau Kent Researcher
Lau Mitch Senior Lecturer
Laughton Dr David Assistant Dean, Academic Development
Launders Jacqueline Senior Lecturer
Lawal Savena Associate Lecturer
Lawless Professor Paul Professor of Urban Policy
Lawrence Nick Lecturer in Business and Management
Lawson Dr Kim Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology
Laycock Professor Elizabeth Module Leader for Research Methods and Undergraduate Dissertation Module
Lazenby Michèle Senior Lecturer
Leach Adam NCIA Programme Director
Leach Rosemary Student Recruit & Industry Engage Lead
Leader Mark Senior Lecturer
Leahy Hanna Wellness Business Development Manager
Leather David Research Associate
Leaver Jackie Senior Lecturer
LeBihan Dr Jill Head of Student Engagement
Lee Jeremy Principal Lecturer in Creative Media
Lee Joanne Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design
Lee Samuel Lecturer
Legge David Senior Lecturer in Mechanical, Materials and Design Engineering
Lei Dr Ningrong Associate Professor in Systems Engineering, Course leader for MSc Advanced Engineering and Management
Leitão Roxanne Researcher
Leonard Fiona Principal Lecturer in Science Education
Lester Anna Lecturer in Law and Human Rights
Levick-Parkin Dr Melanie MFA Design Course Leader, Senior Lecturer Design
Lewis Justin Senior Lecturer Media Arts
Lewis Dr Oliver Principal Lecturer
Lewis Dr Robin Senior Lecturer
Li Kaiying Lecturer in Marketing
Li Mr Long Senior Lecturer in Dietetics
Li Dr Qinling Senior Lecturer
Li Dr Xiaohong Senior Lecturer
Liddle Doctor Anna Lecturer in Education
Lidster Dr Joanne Principal Lecturer
Liew Phaik Senior Lecturer in Construction
Lilley Dr Matt Member of the Audit and Risk Committee
Lindley Melanie Principal Lecturer
Lindley Shirley Knowledge Transfer Manager
Lindley Wayne Lecturer
Ling Dr Yuen Senior Lecturer
Linhares Dr Caroline Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Course Leader for MSc Accounting & Finance, MSc Financial Management and MSc Forensic Accounting
Liu Dr Jia Associate Professor in Behavioural Economics
Loch Dr Daniel Postdoctoral Researcher
Lockley Dr Eleanor Research Fellow
Lomas Mr David Principal Lecturer
Longbon Kim Lecturer
Lopez-Moreno Cristina Senior Lecturer
Louis Professor Anja Professor of Transnational Popular Culture
Love Matthew Principal Lecturer & Quality Lead
Low Dr Christopher
Lowe Dr Anna Programme Manager at the National Centre for Sport & Exercise Medicine
Lowes Helen Course Leader, Business Development Lead and Simulation Lead
Lowthian Jackie Research Associate
Ludwig Fran Lecturer
Luke Paul Course leader
Luo Dr Quanshun Senior Research Fellow
Luong Dr Anh Lecturer in International Business
Lye Elizabeth Senior Lecturer
Lynch Richard Senior Lecturer and Course Leader
Lynn Dr Anthony Principal Lecturer

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