Dr Jill LeBihan

Dr Jill LeBihan SFHEA

Head of Student Engagement


My current work focuses on student engagement, including representation, co-creation and extra-curricular reward and recognition.

I am an experienced lecturer, mentor, and academic leader, with skills in curriculum and programme design. I have an interest in teaching innovation and the use of digital technology to support academic delivery in creative ways.


I have had extensive HE leadership experience for courses, programmes, departmental recruitment, and College student support and student experience. I currently have a university-wide, student-engagement role in the Directorate of Student Engagement, Evaluation and Research.

My current interests centre on working with students and staff on projects related to co-creation and co-design, induction and transition, digital technology in teaching and learning, academic integrity, and student voice.


I currently contribute to the PGCert HE course for new staff. I previously have taught English Literature and Women’s Studies at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

I have developed and led a large number of undergraduate and taught postgraduate modules including literary and critical theory, feminist theory, children’s literature, travel literature, contemporary fiction, postcolonial fiction, Canadian and American literature.


Leadership Foundation-funded project on the use of the student voice in performance management

HEFCE Catalyst Fund project on sexual harassment and hate crime prevention in the university community

REACT (Realising Engagement through Active Cultural Transformation)- Creation and confidence: BME students as academic partners


Journal articles

Lebihan, J., Lowe, T., & Marie, J. (2018). Considerations of the challenges, conflicts and competitions when expanding student-staff partnerships across an institution: Perspectives from three UK Universities. Journal of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, 1 (2), 173-180. http://doi.org/10.29311/jlthe.v1i2.2954

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Book chapters

LeBihan, J., Hughes, C., & Taylor, C.A. (2018). Chapter 10 The Teaching Excellence Framework: Quality, Equality and Student Engagement in English Higher Education. In Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning. (pp. 141-154). Emerald Publishing Limited: http://doi.org/10.1108/s2055-364120180000012011

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Clague, L., Demack, S., & Lebihan, J. (2022). Scoping the impact evaluation of learning analytics in Higher Education. TASO.

Theses / Dissertations

Ginesi, K.A. (2011). Virginia Woolf and cinema : Adaptations of Mrs Dalloway. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Ryall, T., Speidel, S., Lebihan, J., & Constable, C.

Smith, K.P. (2004). The intertextual use of the fairy tale in postmodern fiction. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Lebihan, J., & Earnshaw, S.

Mellor, J.D. (2003). Theorising contemporary women's writing : A practice-based study. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Lebihan, J.

Holland, S. (2002). Just not 'girly': Clothes, appearance and 'alternative' femininities. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Lebihan, J.

Lydon, E. (2001). Legitimising AIDS literature : The case for establishing AIDS writing as a literary genre. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Mills, S., & Lebihan, J.

Other activities

I am a mentor as part of the Aurora project and occasionally mentor colleagues on a more informal basis on request.

Postgraduate supervision

I am currently supervising one doctoral candidate.

I have supervised about 10 doctoral candidates to completion, including creative/critical projects, work on Canadian literature, on narrative, and on feminist and psychoanalytic literary theory.

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