Mitch Lau

Mitch Lau

Senior Lecturer


I am a practising clinical pharmacist working in the secondary care setting. I am a registered independent prescriber in my current expertise, which leads to my interest in exploring the potential role of advanced clinical practice and non-medical prescribing in the future.

My academic aim lies within enhancing students’ learning experiences using advanced technologies and ensuring all learning content is are in line with our current healthcare climate. In doing so, the skills and experiences students gain from their education are transferable to their future practices.


My career started as a resident pharmacist at the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, after I completed my postgraduate clinical diploma and became a clinical pharmacist specialising in acute medicine.

I qualified as an independent prescriber pharmacist in 2014 and have been constantly utilising my skills to enhance patients' access to medicines, and to ensure safe, cost-effective and patient-centric prescribing practice.

I am committed to continuing my professional development in education and training, where I provide teaching sessions on good prescribing practice and medicine safety within my clinical role.

Training our future healthcare professionals to a high standard and sharing knowledge is essential in safeguarding the consistency of our profession. I am therefore currently committed to completing a postgraduate teaching qualification which could enhance my current teaching skills to an advanced level.

My belief in education is strongly in line with that of the Sheffield Hallam University’s in shaping the future and creating knowledge. I hope to apply my experiences to bring educational benefits to my students’ learning experience.


I deliver teaching across the pharmacist independent prescribing course (level 7); non-medical prescribing course (level 6 and level 7); community practitioner nurse prescribing module (level 6) and nurse prescribing module (level 7). 

Along with teaching, I also supervise students within the module of MSc Nursing Dissertation.


My intended research relates to the impact of non-medical prescribers in patient care.

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