Muriel Lamarque

Dr Muriel Lamarque FHEA

Lecturer in Public Health


I am an Anthropologist and Lecturer in Public Health, teaching modules across the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. My research interests include migrant health, social inequalities, popular and traditional healing practices, gender and identity within a Critical Medical Anthropology and Social Epidemiology approach.


After receiving my Bachelor’s in Anthropology from the National University of La Plata (Argentina) in 2015, I continued my postgraduate studies in Spain, where I completed an MSc in Applied Anthropology, Health and Community Development at the University of Salamanca. I was awarded my PhD in Health and Development in the Tropics from the same institution in 2021. 

Much of my research has focused on Health Anthropology, particularly the illness experiences and related practices of marginalized populations, such as people from low socioeconomic status or racial/cultural minorities. Throughout my career, have worked in community settings evaluating the impact of social programmes, as well as in Hospitals and third-sector organisations conducting primary research on social determinants of health.

My current line of research focuses on the health-seeking behaviours and community aid practices of Latin American migrants settled in Europe. Besides assessing the impact of restrictive care access policies on their overall well-being and specific indicators, my work explores the importance of transnational health networks in distributing goods and knowledge for ailment care, as well as the maintenance of traditional Latin healing practices in European urban settings.

I joined Sheffield Hallam University in January 2022.


Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics

College of Social Sciences and Arts

Subject area

Sociology, Public Health

Modules taught 

Power, Sex and the Body
Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Health, Culture and Public Health Development Work
Dissertation (Postgraduate)


Journal articles

Moro Gutiérrez, L., & Lamarque, M. (2020). Alimentación, estilo de vida y participación: un estudio etnográfico de los grupos de consumo agroecológico en Castilla y León. Disparidades. Revista de Antropología, 75 (1).

Lamarque, M., & Moro Gutiérrez, L. (2020). Itinerarios terapéuticos y procesos de atención de la enfermedad en migrantes latinoamericanos: conflictos, negociaciones y adaptaciones. Migraciones internacionales, 11, 1-18.

Orden, A.B., Lamarque, M.S., & Apezteguía, M.C. (2019). Trend in childhood obesity reflects socioeconomic status in Argentina. Annals of Human Biology, 46 (7-8), 531-536.

Orden, A.B., Lamarque, M.S., Chan, D., & Mayer, M.A. (2019). Short sleep and low milk intake are associated with obesity in a community of school aged children from Argentina. American Journal of Human Biology, 31 (3).

Lamarque, M., & Moro-Gutiérrez, L. (2018). The last possible resort: Latin American migrants’ rapport with Spanish healthcare. International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare, 11 (4), 270-281.

(2017). Preventing childhood obesity: Contributions from the social sciences to intervention. Archivos Argentinos de Pediatria, 115 (2).

Lamarque, M., & Gutiérrez, L.M. (n.d.). Curando dentro, cuidando fuera: mujeres latinoamericanas y prácticas terapéuticas en el contexto migratorio transnacional. Physis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva, 30 (2).

Book chapters

Lamarque, M., & Moro Gutiérrez, L. (2021). Curing and caring in the domestic sphere. Therapeutic practices, gender roles and conflicts in transnational migratory space. In Estudios interdisciplinares de género. Thomson Reuters Aranzadi

Moro Gutiérrez, L., & Lamarque, M. (2019). El estudio de las prácticas económicas alternativas a través de una metodología multitécnica. In Espacios y prácticas económicas alternativas en las ciudades españolas. Thomson Reuters Aranzadi

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