Ranbir Lal

Ranbir Lal RIBA

Subject Group Leader for Interior Architecture and Design


My vision is to inspire students and designers who are not only technically proficient but also deeply attuned to the cultural and emotional aspects of architecture. I see a world where buildings, from homes to public spaces and commercial structures a living testament to the narratives that define our society. Through my work and teaching, I aim to instil a sense of responsibility in my students and colleagues to design with purpose, empathy, and a profound understanding of the human experience within the built environment.


As an educator and architect, I am driven by a passion for unraveling intricate spatial narratives that shape and define our environments. My journey as a professional in both fields has allowed me to bridge the gap between education and architecture, fostering a unique perspective that merges theoretical understanding with practical design.
As an educator, I am dedicated to imparting knowledge and fostering a deep appreciation for the art and science of architecture. I believe that education is the foundation upon which transformative architectural concepts are built. My teaching philosophy revolves around nurturing the creative spirit within my students, encouraging them to think critically and 'laterally' about the spaces we inhabit, and inspiring them to envision innovative solutions to contemporary spatial challenges.
The heart of my work lies in exploring the rich tapestry of spatial narratives that surround us. Every building, street, and urban landscape has a story to tell, shaped by historical, cultural, and social influences. I am deeply fascinated by the interplay of these factors and how they manifest in our physical surroundings. I find the forensic analysis of space fascinating and how we uncover these hidden stories, decode the language of architecture, and convey these narratives through design and exploratory drawings.
My architectural practice is a canvas upon which I bring spatial narratives to life. Each project I undertake is a testament to my commitment to creating environments that not only serve functional needs but also reflect the stories of the inhabitants. I approach design with a holistic view, understanding that every space we create contributes to the larger narrative of our built environment. Whether it's designing a cutting-edge sustainable installation or preserving the heritage of a historical site, I strive to weave narratives that resonate with the people who interact with these spaces.

Specialist areas of interest

My interest lies in two areas of Interior design and architecture. The first of these is looking at prefabricated temporary installations which I’ve built over the years. Using a component-based modular approach that utilises one repetitive but identical component throughout to achieve the desired form. This has sparked a more theoretical interest in exploring ‘Spatial Narratives’ within Interior Design and Architecture.


Department of Art and Design

College of Social Sciences and Arts

Interior Architecture and Design and Product Design

Interior Architecture + Design


Exploring the precarity and resilience of displaced communities.

Comparing Urban Tibetan Communities of McLeodganj and Majnu Ka Tilla in India: Narratives of Urban Precarity and Resilience.

Collaborators and sponsors

ADRC, Private Client, Nippon Paints



Lal, R. (2007). T-House. [Building].


Jones, S., O'Fee, S., & Lal, R. (2016). Dispensary Lane - Slave Island Photograhic journal. Presented at: Conceiving Space : Colombo Art Biennale 2016, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2016

Other activities

External Examiner Manchester Metropolitan University Ma in Architecture
External Examiner University of South Wales

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