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Anna Lowe

Dr Anna Lowe PhD

Programme Manager at the National Centre for Sport & Exercise Medicine


Dr Anna Lowe is Programme Manager at the National Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine at Sheffield Hallam University and is employed by SHU on behalf of NCSEM Sheffield - a partner collaboration including the hospitals, universities, Sheffield City Council and sport/volunteer organisations.


I am an Associate Professor at Sheffield Hallam University and lead a number of applied physical activity research projects. In my role as Programme Manager at the National Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine (Sheffield), I also oversee ‘Move More', Sheffield's whole systems approach to increasing physical activity. I am based at the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre and work closely with partner organisations across the city. My research interests are in population health and physical activity, in particular supporting people with health conditions to become more active by embedding physical activity into healthcare systems. I have practical experience and academic expertise related to whole systems approaches to physical activity.



• Evaluation of Public Health England’s Moving Healthcare Professional’s Programme

• Easier To Be Active: co-production of guidance to improve physical activity experiences of people with long term health conditions

• Exploring system leaders’ views of the whole systems approach to increasing physical activity in Sheffield: a qualitative study

• Empowering Communities 1 & 2: working with local communities to build capability and capacity to increase physical activity

• Evaluation of the national Active at Home booklet


Journal articles

Lowe, A., Myers, A., Quirk, H., Blackshaw, J., Palanee, S., & Copeland, R. (2022). Physical activity promotion by GPs: a cross-sectional survey in England. BJGP Open.

Fowler Davis, S., Humphreys, H., Maden-Wilkinson, T., Withers, S., Lowe, A., & Copeland, R. (2022). Understanding the Needs and Priorities of People Living with Persistent Pain and Long-Term Musculoskeletal Conditions during the COVID-19 Pandemic—A Public Involvement Project. Healthcare, 10 (6).

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Shafizadeh, M., Manson, J., Fowler-Davis, S., Ali, K., Lowe, A.C., Stevenson, J., ... Davids, K. (2020). Effects of Enriched Physical Activity Environments on Balance and Fall Prevention in Older Adults: A Scoping Review. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity.

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Lowe, A. (2018). Quick Guide: the role of allied health professionals in supporting people to live well with and beyond cancer. NHS England.

Lowe, R. (2017). Physiotherapy, Exercise and Physical Activity-Massive Open Online Course Report. Physiopedia.

Lowe, A., Gates, A., & Callaghan, P. (2016). Special interest report: making every contact count for physical activity: equipping tomorrow's physiotherapists to deliver high quality physical activity interventions. Elsevier BV.

Theses / Dissertations

Lowe, A. (2018). Physical activity and physiotherapy: moving forwards. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Mclean, S., & Littlewood, C.

Internet Publications

Vishnubala, D. (2019). World Cancer Day: expert Q&A. [Web article].

Lowe, A. (2018). Celebrating our contribution to cancer care on #AHPsDay. [Blog].

Telegraph, B. (2018). The simple exercises that could help combat your health problem. [Online article].

Examiner, I. (2018). The best exercises to help combat 5 common health problems. [Online Article].

England, P.H. (2018). Clinical champions: Embedding physical activity into routine clinical care. [Blog].

Council, D. (2018). Meet the Spark finalists 2018. [Online article].

Lowe, A. (2016). Allied Health Professions and physical activity: a force for change. [Blog].

McVey, N. (2015). Exercise, at the heart of physiotherapy? [Blog].


Lowe, A. (2019). Allied Health Professions: the importance of awards. [NHS England Blog]. NHS England

Lowe, A. (2015). 3 minutes with Anna Lowe. [Written article]. Chartered Society of Physiotherapy


Lowe, A. (2018). Applying public health approaches to MSK care. Presented at: Physio UK, Birmingham

Young, R., & Lowe, A. (2015). Integration of vocational qualifications into the curriculum at Sheffield Hallam University to enhance exercise prescription within physiotherapy. Presented at: Physiotherapy UK 2015, Liverpool, UK, 2015


Lowe, A., & Lowe, R. (2017). Are physiotherapists walking the walk? : a global survey of physiotherapists' physical activity levels. Presented at: World Confederation of Physical Therapy Congress, Cape Town, 2017

Lowe, A., Gates, A.B., & Callaghan, P. (2016). Making every contact count for physical activity : equipping tomorrow's physiotherapists to deliver high quality physical activity interventions. Presented at: European Region World Confederation Physical Therapy Conference, Liverpool, 2016

Other publications

Lowe, A., Bullas, A., Maden-Wilkinson, T., & Hembrough, D. (2020). Active at Home : a guide to staying active during the Coronavirus Outbreak. Public Health England/Move More Sheffield:

Lowe, A. (2019). Interview with German Physiotherapy Association in Geneva 2019.

Postgraduate supervision

Rokaya AlShatti (Sheffield Hallam University). Sponsored by Government of Kuwait  Title of PhD: Functional performance test battery for pregnant women with lumbopelvic pain. Aim: To explore the available physical performance tests in pregnant women, establish a functional performance tests battery and determine the validity and reliability of selected physical performance tests battery in pregnant women with and without lumbo-pelvis pain.   Expected year of completion: 2023 

Reena Patel (University of Wolverhampton) Title of PhD: Physical Activity and Exercise Prescription in the Physiotherapy Curriculum.  Aim: To understand what physical activity pre-registration education is currently delivered and how this could be enhanced to better prepare physiotherapy students for PA and exercise prescription in clinical practice. Expected year of completion: 2026 

Sally Mastwyk (La Trobe University/Sheffield Hallam University) Title: Improving management of metabolic syndrome in primary care  Aim:  To increase recognition of metabolic syndrome in primary care and to improve management of people with metabolic syndrome. Expected year of completion: 2025



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