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Bacchus Daniel Principal Lecturer, Subject Group Leader - Animation and Digital Media Production
Backhouse Dr Daniel Research Fellow
Bagheri Dr Maryam Lecturer
Bagral Sarah Employer Partnerships Officer
Bahadori Dr Ramin Lecturer
Bailey Dr Chris Lecturer in Education Studies
Bailey Joanne Lecturer Children's Nursing
Bailey Dr Lin Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology
Bailey Dr Rob Senior Lecturer
Bailey Samantha Research & Innovation Senior Administrator
Baillie Kathryn Senior Lecturer in Early Years and Primary Education
Bairstow John Senior lecturer
Bairstow John
Baker Jeanette Principal Lecturer
Baker Dr Robert
Baker-Green Dr Karl Senior Lecturer, Sociology Course Leader
Ball Nigel Senior Lecturer in Design
Ballin Deborah Senior Lecturer in Filmmaking
Banks Angie Senior Lecturer
Banks Professor James Professor of Criminology
Banks Teresa Lecturer in Physical Education and School Sport
Barker Dr Lynne Reader in Cognitive Neuroscience, Neurocognitive Theme Lead for the Centre for Behavioural Science and Applied Psychology
Barker Margo Reader - Food And Nutrition Group
Barley Dr Ruth Senior Lecturer In Sociology
Barnes Dr Andrew Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science
Barnes Ashley Principal Lecturer
Barnett Nick Senior Lecturer Mental Health Nursing
Baros Dr Miroslav Senior Lecturer in Law
Barr Karen Senior Lecturer In Early Years
Barrett David Research Fellow
Barrett Dr Elizabeth Senior Lecturer
Barrett Louise Department Manager, Department of Finance, Accounting & Business Systems
Barry Dr. Colette Lecturer in Criminology
Bartholomew Dr Hannah
Bartholomew Jane Senior Lecturer in Early Years and Primary Education
Barton Mark Resources Officer
Bashir Nadia Research Fellow
Basilio Catherine Senior Lecturer in Architecture
Bass Mike Senior Lecturer - Games and Artificial Intelligence
Bassi Dr Camila Senior Lecturer in Human Geography
Bassindale Dr Thomas Principal Lecturer in Forensic and Analytical Science. Professional Lead, Chemistry and Forensic Science
Bateman Roger Head of Department, Art & Design
Bates Dr Chris Principal Lecturer in Software Engineering, Graphics and Multimedia
Battey Tom Games Designer in Residence
Battistini Dr Simone Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering
Battiston Giovanna Senior Lecturer
Battle Steve Packaging Technologist
Battle-Felton Doctor Yvonne Lecturer in Creative Writing and Creative Industries
Batty Elaine Research Fellow
Batty Helen Senior Lecturer In Physiotherapy
Batty Steven Senior Lecturer of Interior Design
Baxter Dr Erik Senior Lecturer
Baxter Dr Theresa Principal Lecturer
Bayati Doctor Maryam
Bayerl Professor Petra Saskia Professor of Digital Communication and Security
Beard Barbara Senior Lecturer in End of Life Care
Beard Prof Colin
Beard David Lecturer in Child Nursing
Beardon Luke Senior Lecturer
Beatty Christina Professor of Applied Economic Geography
Bec Dr Remi Design Researcher
Beckingham Sue Principal Lecturer in Digital Analytics and Technologies and a National Teaching Fellow
Beecher Colette Senior Lecturer In Occupational Therapy
Beighton James Employer Partnerships Officer (Student Employment)
Bell Prof Alice Professor of English Language and Literature
Bell Dr Anthony Senior X-Ray Technician
Bell Dr Henry Senior Lecturer in Performance
Bell Nichola
Bennett Anthony Senior Lecturer
Bennett Dr Cinnamon Principal Lecturer, Group Leader
Bennett Ellen Research Fellow
Bennett Luke Reader in Space, Place & Law
Benson Michael Senior Lecturer
Beresford Dr Paul Postgraduate Course Leader, Senior Lecturer, College of Business, Technology and Engineering
Beresford Dr Ruth Research Associate
Berger Prof Ron Professor Of International Business
Berry Neil Senior Lecturer
Berry Paul Principal Lecturer
Best Helen Acting Dean of the College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences
Beswick Alison Workplace Wellness Adviser, Health Research Institute
Bevins Dr Stuart Senior Research Fellow
Bhaiyat Dr Firoz Principal Lecturer and Subject Group Lead
Bhalla Danielle Project Manager – SCR Future Leaders' Programme
Bhanbhro Sadiq Senior Research Fellow
Bhatnagar Anurag Lecturer
Billau Sally Senior Lecturer in Interior Design
Bimpson Dr Emma Research Associate, BA (Hons), MA, PhD
Bingham Professor Paul Professor of Glasses and Ceramics
Binney David Principal Lecturer
Binney Julie Senior Lecturer
Bissett Andrew Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering, Graphics and Multimedia
Black Dr Alex Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Black Dr. Jack Senior Lecturer
Blackburn Michelle Principal Lecturer
Blackshaw Professor Tony Professor of Leisure Studies and Sociology
Blanco-Velo Dr Alonso
Blohm Jane Senior Lecturer
Boardman Susan Principal Lecturer
Boisvert Charles Senior Lecturer
Bolsover Lucia Senior Lecturer
Bolton Olivia Portfolio Officer
Bonner Stuart Senior Lecturer in PE, Sport Coaching and Development
Boodt Sarah Senior Lecturer in Post 16 Education
Booth Dr Josephine Senior Research Fellow
Booth Lynne
Borkett Penny Senior Lecturer In Early Years
Bourke Liam Professor of Cancer Research
Bower Professor Kim Professor of Innovation in Languages Education
Bower Rachel Senior Lecturer
Bowers-Brown Dr Tamsin Principal Lecturer
Bowles Dr David Principal Lecturer
Bowles Simon Lecturer in Nutrition
Bowman Pamela Principal Lecturer
Bows Andrea Administrator and PA to Heads of Research Centres
Boyd Ginny Senior Lecturer In Children and Childhood
Boylan Professor Mark Professor in Education
Braddick Ian Administrator (Art and Design Research Centre)
Bradshaw Dr Robert Lecturer in Analytical Science
Brailsford Mandy Principal Lecturer
Branch Jill Senior Lecturer In Early Education
Brannan Jason Deputy Director of the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre
Bray Linda Senior Administrator
Breckon Prof. Jeff Head of Research - ASPA
Breese Jo Lecturer in Illustration
Breese Dr Richard Senior Lecturer
Breikin Dr Tim Reader in Control Engineering
Brewster Ben Researcher
Brewster Jacqui Senior Lecturer
Bricklebank Professor Neil Professor of Chemistry
Bridge Dr Jonathan Reader/Associate Professor in Environmental Geoscience
Bridgen Liz Principal Lecturer in Public Relations and Undergraduate Recruitment Lead for Department of Media Arts and Communication
Bridle Jonathan Senior Lecturer
Briggs Tracey Senior Lecturer
Brinkley Jessica Lecturer Practitioner
Brook Simon Senior Lecturer
Brooks Dr Jenni Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Broom Dr David Reader of Physical Activity and Health
Broomhead Tony Course leader for Interior Architecture and Design
Brothwell Amanda AWRC Operations Manager
Brown Chloë Senior Lecturer in Fine Art
Brown Michaela Senior Lecturer
Brown Nickey Senior Lecturer PGCE Modern Languages
Brown Dr Steven Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Brown Dr Suzanne Senior Lecturer in Secondary Science Initial Teacher Education
Brunsdon Dr Teresa Senior Lecturer in Applied Statistics
Buick Lesley Principal Lecturer
Bull Andy Senior Lecturer in Secondary Education
Bull Dr Melanie Principal Lecturer & Mba Director For All Mba Courses
Bullas Dr Alice Research Fellow
Bulley Sue Principal Lecturer, Head of Business and Communications
Bullivant Elizabeth Senior Lecturer
Bullough Andrew Senior Lecturer And Project Manager
Bullough Steve Senior Research Fellow
Bundschuh Dr Thomas Senior Lecturer in Human Rights
Bunning Dr John Principal lecturer and Quality Enhancement Coordinator for the Department of Computing
Burke Cath Senior Lecturer In Midwifery
Burke Gemma Senior Lecturer
Burke Mrs Gemma Senior Lecturer
Burke Michael
Burkinshaw Diane Deputy Head Of Department
Burnett Professor Cathy Professor of Literacy and Education
Burns Mr Derek Doctoral Researcher / Associate Lecturer
Burns Sarah Lecturer In Learning Disability Nursing
Burns Seamus Senior Lecturer in Law
Burrows Jacky Senior Lecturer In Criminology
Burton Louise Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography Department of Allied Health Professions
Burton Dr Maria Senior Research Fellow/Principal Lecturer
Burton Sam Senior Lecturer in Law
Bush Dr Sophie Principal Lecturer
Butler Myles Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy, Practice Based Learning Course Lead
Butler Senior Lecturer Rose Senior Lecturer Fine Art
Butterill Tim Senior Lecturer Advanced Clinical Practice
Byrne Eleanor Senior Research Fellow
Bywater Helen Principal Lecturer

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