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Ramin Bahadori

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Dr Ramin Bahadori



Dr Ramin Bahadori joined Sheffield Hallam University in 2019 as a Lecturer in Engineering Management. Ramin has earned his BSc degree in Industrial Management followed by an MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  He also awarded a PhD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Sheffield Hallam University where his project was focused on the Development of a Framework for Configuring Fractal Supply Network and its Logistics Capabilities.


He has experience of carrying out research in the various fields such as technology road mapping, industry 4.0, supply chain sustainability, fractal supply chain, food supply chain, modelling and simulation, logistics capabilities, inventory optimisation, logistics cost optimisation, information system, green Vehicle Routing problem, supply network integration, communication and collaboration within supply network, and multi-criteria decision-making fuzzy AHP. The outcomes have been presented in several international conferences.

Ramin is a reviewer for several peer-reviewed international journals and conferences such as "Supply Chain Management: An International Journal", "International Journal of Production Research" and "International Conference on Manufacturing Research ICMR".

Prior to being a Lecturer, Ramin worked as a research associate at Sheffield Hallam University, carried out multi-discipline research projects directed by Prof. Sameh Saad. During this time, He has the chance to be engaged in some industrial/research projects. For instance, they successfully adapted and utilised a leading methodology to provide guiding and justifying investment in smart city's R&D projects to achieve the optimum project portfolio. The method is tested in a real case study, which shows how that methodology can be effective to implement throughout the worldwide smart cities development to support strategic technology investments.

His extensive experiences in both industry and academia have provided him with a broad view that is useful in assisting students with projects and assignments. His supervision of many MSc students gave him a strong foundation to supervise students in their research.



Department of Engineering and Mathematics

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

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