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Andrew C Bullough

Senior Lecturer And Project Manager


Andy is an ex teacher and head of science. Andy lead on both the content development and test and trial phases for the Wellcome Trusts “In The Zone “Olympic year project. Andy is currently leading on Science For All (SFA), a project that works closely with teachers and teaching assistants to develop strategies for supporting SEN youngsters in their science lessons. SFA explores aspects of reducing cognitive stresses through innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Over the years Andy has worked on over 30 curriculum development projects, including authoring the influential Key Stage 3 Extension Tasks for QCA (2003 to 2005). Andy enjoys working closely with teachers and scientists to develop resources, an example of this being the Nuffield STEM Project unit ‘The Games: Going for Gold’ (2009).


I am proud to have worked on a broad range of projects many being influential such as the Pupil Researcher Initiative which heavily influenced the formation of STEM ambassadors scheme and new CPD approaches through the Science Learning centre network. With Cre8ate maths I was project manager on a project that brought in over a million pounds to SHU and achieved National acclaim with the maths strategies. In terms of traditional academic publications I have few however in terms of of teaching and learning resource material production I have many publications of which a large proportion are available online for public download. Of these I am proudest of writing the original assessment tasks for KS3 QCA science. (these were an early online publication that achieved over 50,000 downloads in 3 years). I also love informal learning and have arranged approximately 50 such events for over 7000 school students at venues as varied as The Deep, Sheffield Winter Garden, English Institute of Sport, W5, the Royal Institution and The Houses of Parliament.



Social Sciences and Arts

SEN and Invisible Difference to current Y3 PGCE Maths, Science and Technology students


STEMNET – STEM Ambassadors Scheme
Science For All –project lead
Engaging Science – project manager CPD and resource development

CD – Curriculum development, PM – Project management – CPD Continuing professional development

CD – SUITED – TTA funded - (2000-2001)
PM CD CPD -Pupil Researcher Initiative – EPSRC and PPARC funded - (2001-2006)
CD* – The Wright Stuff - BAe systems funded - (2002)
CD* - The Science Consortium - (2001-2002)
CD* - Science Profiles – Royal Society Funded – (2002-2003)
CD*– Teachers Assessment Materials for more able students in KS3 Science – QCA latterly NAA funded – (2002-2005)
PM CD CPD – The Collaborative Biotechnology CPD Experience – Wellcome Trust- (2002-2003)
PM CD – Presentation Skills Days – Rotherham LA - (2004-2006)
CD* - KS3 (SATs) Test development – NFER via DFE funding source - (2006-2008)
CD* - The Carbon Calculator – RSA funded – (2007)
CD* – Beijing Sports Exhibition – British Council Funded – (2007)
CD* – Climate Futures – Comino Foundation funded - (2008-2009)
CD* – Spacelink - Spacelink foundation - (2006-2008)
CD* – Science UPD8 – (2004-2008)
CD* CPD – Engineering A Better World - Yorkshire Forward funded - (2005-2007)
CD* –XXX – AZSTT funded project - (2009)
PM CD* and CPD – cre8ate Maths – Yorkshire Forward funded - (2007-2010)
CD* CPD – RA3 - Yorkshire Forward funded - (2007-2010)
PM CD* – Nuffield KS3 STEM project – Nuffield Foundation - (2008-2010)
PM CPD CD* – Innovative Triple Science case study development – Learning Skills Network - (2008-2010)
PM CD* CPD Science For All - AZSTT latterly PSTT funded - (2010- 2014)
CPD - cre8ate maths dissemination – NCETM funded – (2010-2011)
CD* - STEM Careers – DCSF funded - (2010 -2011)
PM CD* – In the Zone content development and test and trial Phases – Wellcome Trust - (2010-2011)
PM and CPD – Regional CREST manager S Yorks – (2011-)
CD CPD–Virtual Summit – RAF Funded - (2012-)
PM CD and CPD – Regional STEM clubs contract – STEMNET - (2012-)
CPD CD – SLC Y&H latterly DYHNE Cutting Edge Science program – (2012-)
CD – HEBAT Sans – Malaysian Government - (2013-)
CD PM and CPD – Engaging Science – EU FP7 project

Have collaborated with CSER at SHU and many external scientists including Bryan Cox and others for Research Council related PUS work also funders such as Pearson


Journal articles

Bullough, A. (2016). Does intelligent life exist beyond our planet? An exercise in estimation and problem solving. School Science Review, 97 (360), 61-62.


Sherborne, T., & Bullough, A. (2017). Engage. Equipping the next generation for active engagement in science. Periodic report number 2. Sheffield Hallam University.

Byrne, E., Booth, J., Bevins, S., & Bullough, A. (2017). Chain reaction final report. SCIENTEX.

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