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Dr Miroslav Baros PhD, LLM, LLB

Senior Lecturer in Law


As PDP coordinator I lead, develop and coordinate activities regarding Progress Files for our students.

  • About

    I have worked at Sheffield Hallam University since 2002 in various academic and administrative roles. As the Induction Leader I introduced and developed introductory legal exercises for new students. I received University Teaching Fellowship Award for enhancing learning and teaching experience of our students.

    In collaboration with the Learning Centre I established the first key legal skills online. I introduced Immigration Law, International Human Rights and Public International Law modules in the faculty. I was part of the team establishing an LLM course in the Faculty.

    My teaching interests are wide and based on great deal of flexibility due to my legal education in both continental legal system based on Roman Law and in the UK with the common law tradition. I taught Introduction to Law; Theories on Law; Constitutional Law; Law and Contemporary Society; Public International Law; International Human Rights; Immigration Law and I was also the Dissertation tutor. My teaching is designed to foster research; I received the University’s reward for fostering and developing student independent learning capacity in 2008.

    My enthusiasm and research informed teaching has continuously attracted a high number of students on International Human Rights and Immigration Law, with significant proportion expressing their desire to pursue an LLM in International Human Rights and Public International Law. Currently I lead activities on establishing a new LLM course: Human Rights and Criminal Justice and I lead and deliver International Human Rights and Immigration Law modules. I also participate in a team delivering Public Law and Human Rights module.

    Specialist areas of interest

    Public International Law
    Immigration Law
    Human Rights
    Constitutional Law

  • Teaching

    Department Of Law and Criminology

    Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Publications

    A list of publications is available from the institutional repository, SHURA

    November 2011 - Social Science Research Network 'The International Criminal Court and the Maintenance of International Peace and Security: A Marriage of Convenience?

    December 2010 - European Journal of International Law 'The High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Requiem for Legality' EJIL Analysis, December 2010

    December 1998 - Journal of Armed Conflict Law: 'The Award of the Arbitral Tribunal for the Dispute over the Inter-Ethnic Boundary in the Brcko Area: A Devastating Blow to the Principle of Consensuality or an Ephemeral Adjudicative Episode?'

  • Other activities

    I am a member of European Institute for Cultural Diplomacy; Migration and Law Network and Refugee Law Initiative.

    I was Principal External Examiner at Hertfordshire University and Athens University responsible for supervising and coordinating the work of all external examiners. As the Principle External Examiner I was responsible for ensuring fairness and impartiality in the application of award regulations and procedures. This role has in particular enabled me to be able to check whether the academic standards and achievements of students are comparable with those in other UK higher education institutions.

    I am involved in the Innovative Fund Project and currently I lead Human Rights Essay Competition project.

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