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Tim Breikin

Dr Tim Breikin PhD

Reader in Control Engineering


Tim started his academic career in the UK as a Lecturer at the University of Manchester, in February 2004. Prior to that appointment he had nine years of research experience on the modelling, control, performance monitoring and optimisation of industrial systems.


Department of Engineering and Mathematics

College of Business, Technology and Engineering


Tim's main area of research is application of advanced control techniques for industrial systems with particular emphasis on aerospace and energy generation. Tim has research experience in modelling, control, performance monitoring and optimisation of industrial systems.

He has experience in collaboration with industrial partners. In particular, he has participated in the development of a digital full authority control system for a new low fuel consumption aero engine and the design of control laws for a low emission staged combustion gas turbine engine.

Tim was also involved in a number of research projects supported by Industry, DTI, the EU INTAS programme, NATO and the Royal Society.

He has been the lead investigator on EP/C015185/1 EPSRC grant on the ‘real-time modelling for condition monitoring and performance optimisation of gas turbine engines’, and one of the leading authors of research proposal for EP/G059837/1 grant focused on energy demand reduction in paper making.


Journal articles

Zhang, H., Mohamed, A., Breikin, T., & Howarth, M. (2021). Modelling and Simulation of an Ohmic Heating Process. Open Journal of Modelling and Simulation, 9 (1), 26-42.

Xuewu, D., Zhiwei, G., Breikin, T., & Hong, W. (2012). High-gain observer-based estimation of parameter variations with delay alignment. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 57 (3), 726-732.

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Xuewu, D., Zhiwei, G., Breikin, T., & Hong, W. (2009). Zero assignment for robust H2/H[infinity] fault detection filter design. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 57 (4), 1363-1372.

Xuewu, D., Zhiwei, G., Breikin, T., & Hong, W. (2009). Disturbance attenuation in fault detection of gas turbine engines: a discrete robust observer design. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part C (Applications and Reviews), 39 (2), 234-239.

Gao, Z., Dai, X., Breikin, T., & Wang, H. (2008). Novel Parameter Identification by Using a High-Gain Observer With Application to a Gas Turbine Engine. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 4 (4), 271-279.

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