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James Banks

Professor James Banks PhD, PGCHE, MA, BA

Professor of Criminology


My research is focused on gambling-related crime and technology, although I continue to publish in other areas. To date, I have authored two research monographs – Online Gambling and Crime: Causes, Controls and Controversies and Gambling, Crime and Society – whilst my research has been published in high-ranking journals such as International Gambling Studies, the European Journal of Criminology, the International Journal of Comparative Criminology and Offender Therapy, Crime, Media, Culture, and Critical Criminology. I maintain a record of planning, securing, leading and successfully delivering funded research projects from charities and grant making organisations that inform policy and practice.


I joined Sheffield Hallam University as an Associate Lecturer in 2006, successfully applying for a permanent Lecturer in Criminology post in 2007. I have progressed from a Lecturer in Criminology (2007-2010), through to a Senior Lecturer in Criminology (2010-2017), Reader in Criminology (2017-2020) and, most recently in 2020, to Professor of Criminology through SHU’s academic careers framework. I currently lead research in the Department of Law and Criminology and am the coordinator for the University’s Unit of Assessment 20 Social Work and Social Policy REF2021 submission. Most recently, I have focused on capacity building and the development of the research profiles of Department of Law and Criminology’s early career researchers, including researching, writing and publishing with new lecturers and some of the department’s undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Department Of Law and Criminology

College of Social Sciences and Arts

Subject Area



Dissertation, Cybercrime and Society.


Journal articles

Banks, J., & Waters, J. (2022). Gambling and Intimate Partner Violence. Probation Quarterly, (26), 51-54.

Banks, J. (2022). The narratives of women who experience intimate partner violence due to their partner’s gambling disorder. Gambling Research Exchange Ontario (GREO).

Banks, J., & Waters, J. (2022). The Gambling Act 2005 and the (de)regulation of commercial gambling in Britain: A state-corporate harm. Sociological Research Online.

Banks, J., & Waters, J. (2022). An examination of the interrelationship between disordered gambling and intimate partner violence. The International Review of Victimology.

Zerafa, A., Banks, J., & Waters, J. (2021). The challenges of countering fraud in Malta’s remote gaming industry. Journal of Financial Crime.

Banks, J., Addis, N., & Waters, J. (2020). Betting Shop Robberies: Reducing the Risk to Retail Staff. Gaming Law Review, 24 (9), 592-599.

Wardle, H., Banks, J., Bebbington, P., Blank, L., Bowden Jones Obe, H., Bramley, S., ... Zendle, D. (2020). Open letter from UK based academic scientists to the secretaries of state for digital, culture, media and sport and for health and social care regarding the need for independent funding for the prevention and treatment of gambling harms. BMJ (Clinical research ed.), 370, m2613.

Banks, J., Waters, J., Andersson, C., & Olive, V. (2019). Problem and pathological gambling rates are high among prison populations. Gambling Research Exchange Ontario (GREO).

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Albertson, K., Banks, J., & Murray, E. (2017). Military Veteran-offenders: Making sense of developments in the debate to inform service delivery. Prison Service Journal, 234, 23-30.

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Banks, J. (2012). Online gambling and crime: a sure bet? The ETHICOMP Journal.

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Banks, J. (n.d.). The Criminalisation of Asylum Seekers and Asylum Policy. Prison Service Journal, (175), 43-49.

Banks, J. (n.d.). A system for classifying crimes related to gambling. ResearchSnapshots.

Book chapters

Banks, J., & Andersson, C. (2023). The role of technology in stalking and coercive control amongst young people. In Young People, Stalking Awareness and Domestic Abuse. Palgrave

Banks, J. (2021). From parasite to antihero: shifting depictions of the card sharp. In Johnson, M. (Ed.) The Casino, Card and Betting Game Reader. Bloomsbury:

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Banks, J. (2014). Online gambling, advantage play, reflexivity and virtual ethnography. In Lumsden, K., & Winter, A. (Eds.) Reflexivity in criminological research : experience with the powerful and powerless. (pp. 289-300). London: Palgrave Macmillan

Banks, J., & Moxon, D. (2013). The value(s) of cultural criminology. In Cowburn, M., Duggan, M., Robinson, A., & Senior, P. (Eds.) Values in criminology and community justice. (pp. 109-125). Bristol: Policy Press


Banks, J. (2017). Gambling, crime and society. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Banks, J. (2014). Online gambling and crime: causes, controls and controversies. Farnham: Ashgate.


Banks, J., Addis, N., Cadet, N., & De Hoog, F. (2020). Evaluation of the Early Intervention Funded Tri Borough Child Criminal Exploitation Intervention Project. Sheffield Hallam University.

Banks, J., Andersson, C., Best, D., Edwards, M., & Waters, J. (2018). Families Living with Problem Gambling: Impacts, Coping Strategies and Help-Seeking. Sheffield Hallam University.

Andersson, C., Best, D., Irving, J., Edwards, M., Banks, J., Mama-Rudd, A., & Hamer, R. (2018). Understanding recovery from a family perspective: a survey of life in recovery for families. Sheffield Hallam University for Alcohol Research UK.

Internet Publications

Banks, J. (2021). Gambling in Britain: Analogue Legislation in a Digital Age.

Other publications

Banks, J. (2022). Open letter to Ministers re Gambling Act Review. Unpublished

Banks, J. (2022). Open letter to Ministers re Gambling Act Review. Unpublished

Banks, J., & Waters, J. (2019). Response to the Howard League's Commission on Crime and Problem Gambling's Call for Evidence.

Postgraduate supervision

Antonio Zerafa - Exploring the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Remote Gaming; Lucy Pointon - Problem Gambling and Family Violence.

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