Helena Kennedy Centre

Helena Kennedy Centre

The Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice is a leading centre for social justice and human rights. It provides a vibrant environment at the cutting edge of legal and criminal justice practice which prepares students for excellence in their chosen professional career.

The centre is home to a range of social justice and human rights activities that include:

  • research and scholarship work
  • global engagement
  • impact on policy
  • professional training and advocacy

Its central values are those of widening access to justice and education, the promotion of human rights, ethics in legal practice, equality and a respect for human dignity in overcoming social injustice.

The law is the bedrock of a nation; it tells us who we are, what we value, who has power and who hasn't. Helena Kennedy QC

The Helena Kennedy Centre's scope of expertise covers:

  • human rights
  • criminology
  • law
  • policing
  • probation

The centre works on the high profile projects in a variety of human rights and social justice areas. Research and projects concern Modern Day Slavery, gender-based violence, hate crime and many more.


Israel and Gaza Helena Kennedy Centre Statement

In line with the University as a whole, at Helena Kennedy Centre (HKC) we share a deep concern in seeing the escalating conflict in the Middle East, following the weekend’s attacks by Hamas. We know that this is very distressing for members of staff and the student community, particularly for those from the region and those with family, friends or other close ties to the area.

In HKC we are proud of our links with the region and in particular the Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] we have signed with An Najah University in Gaza. Baroness Kennedy is equally horrified at the awful turn of events in the region in recent weeks resulting in the loss of innocent lives on both sides and we all hope for an immediate ceasefire of hostilities for the sake of every human being affected by the outbreak of violence. We are deeply saddened by the loss of innocent lives in Israel, the impact of the escalating violence in Gaza, and the fate of hostages. We share the concerns of our students and staff over the fear and uncertainty faced by their loved ones in Israel and Palestine.

As you may be aware the University has been in contact with members of our student and staff community that may be affected to offer support. We encourage all students and staff to seek support and make use of the resources available at the University if they wish to. 

Details of these are listed below. 

We ask everyone to support and respect each other at this time. Sheffield Hallam is a safe and tolerant environment, and we are proud of the diversity of our community. 

Support, guidance and travel advice


Solar panels


"Over-Exposed" creates a new model of assessment for the solar industry and its supply chains to identify exposure to state-imposed forced labour in the Uyghur Region as supply chains become increasingly opaque

Featured projects

A woman standing at the window with a cup in her hand

Migrant Stories of Italy

Watch the documentaries made during the visit of students and staff from Media Arts & Communication an the Helena Kennedy Centre together with Mama Africa in Bari

Blurred photograph of two men sitting on chairs

Leverhulme Trust Award to research Comparative Penal Supervision

This three-year project seeks  to explore and generate knowledge about the experience of penal supervision across England, North Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Severyna Magill on BBC

India video outrage

Severyna Magill, Senior Lecturer in Law and Human Rights and Course Leader for the MA/LLM Applied Human Rights, spoke to The Context, BBC News, about a viral video circulating in India depicting horrific sexual violence against women occurring in Manipur and what can be done in response


A child hiding face with hands

'Every moment you were terrified': Life as a victim of child trafficking 

Professor Patricia Hynes spoke to Metro about trafficking of young asylum seekers in the UK

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Pamela Anderson's Netflix Documentary

Netflix's Pamela, A Love Story overturns stereotypes about victims of intimate partner abuse

Sarah Tatton writes for The Conversation on Pamela Anderson's Netflix Documentary 

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Employees work on the production line

Forced Uyghur labour probably helped build your car

Foreign Policy looks in depth at the policy implications of the Helena Kennedy Centre and NomoGaia report on car parts.

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