Helena Kennedy Centre

The Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice is a leading centre for social justice and human rights. It provides a vibrant environment at the cutting edge of legal and criminal justice practice which prepares students for excellence in their chosen professional career.

The centre is home to a range of social justice and human rights activities that include:

  • research and scholarship work
  • global engagement
  • impact on policy
  • professional training and advocacy

Its central values are those of widening access to justice and education, the promotion of human rights, ethics in legal practice, equality and a respect for human dignity in overcoming social injustice.

The law is the bedrock of a nation; it tells us who we are, what we value, who has power and who hasn't. Helena Kennedy QC

The Helena Kennedy Centre's scope of expertise covers:

  • human rights
  • criminology
  • law
  • policing
  • probation

The centre works on the high profile projects in a variety of human rights and social justice areas. Research and projects concern Modern Day Slavery, gender-based violence, hate crime and many more.


A group of people rowing a boat

Extracurricular activities: ‘just another thing to think about’?

Following their publication, ‘“It’s Just Another Thing to Think About”: encouraging students’ engagement in extracurricular activities’, Dr Jill Dickinson, Teri-Lisa Griffiths and Alex Bredice from Sheffield Hallam University, discuss the challenges presented by the increasingly blended HE environment.

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A man with a sign on his hand saying 'the rapist is in your path'

Death penalty is not an answer

The need of the hour is rehabilitating sex offenders and including men in the dialogue of gender-based violence - read the article written by Dr Madhumita Pandey

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People working on a field picking cotton

A new rule U.S. could change what you wear — and intervene in a genocide

Professor Laura Murphy discusses a new rule that U.S. could change what you wear — and intervene in a genocide

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Featured projects

A homeless person sleeping on the street

Impact of anti social-behaviour tools and powers on street-sleeping homeless people

Creating a robust evidence base that details the impact of anti-social behaviour tools and powers, such as Public Spaces Protection Orders and Community Protection Notices, have on homeless people

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Helena Kennedy Centre staff in India

HKC India

Improving access to justice, rights and protection for women and girl victims of violence in India

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Students from HKC in Africa

HKC Africa

Positively impacting human rights and the health and education of women and children in the country

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