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The SHU Law Clinic on opening night


SHU Law launched in February 2019. We are a not for profit law firm that also teaches students legal practice skills. Our values are to widen access to justice and to provide legal education. This unique set up allows us to take on legal cases that other firms may not be able to. Since its launch SHU Law has gone from strength to strength. Our practising solicitors have been busy advancing case work and strengthening their networks to give both students and clients the best possible experience in areas of personal injury, small claims, prison clinic, criminal appeals, commercial disputes and employment law in our unique regulated environment.

Our future plans focus significantly on SHU Law’s civic response to the pandemic and how we can collaborate with others to provide help and assistance to those most affected. SHU Law remains committed to fusing the education of our students and the needs of our clients so that we can make a valid contribution to what lies ahead.

To read more about us please visit SHU Law website or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

SHU Law Clinic staff

Professor Elizabeth Smart

Professor and Head of Law

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Sally Mallinson Ayres

Senior Solicitor

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Chris Riley

Principal Lecturer

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Refugee Rights Hub staff members

HKC Refugee Rights Hub

The HKC Refugee Rights Hub, based at Sheffield Hallam University's Collegiate Campus, was fully established in September 2018. The Clinic trains undergraduate and postgraduate students to work alongside qualified OISC registered immigration and asylum specialists helping refugees navigate the complex processes and procedures for making refugee family reunification applications. The service is free of charge. Students are able to engage in direct client work and what often becomes complex casework. Students gain new skills and hone existing skills in taking instructions; working with interpreters; creating evidence bundles and using legal case management systems.

This has been a year of transformation as we successfully applied for a huge funding bid, changed our name to the HKC Refugee Rights Hub to reflect our broader remit (formerly the Refugee Family Reunion Clinic) and welcomed 10 new staff.


In January we started work with partners in Leeds and Halifax to offer Refugee Family Reunion across the whole of Yorkshire. We also began offering support with settlement applications to previous clients.


We’ve worked with 54 students via Zoom this year and worked hard to enable them to work alongside us to work with clients remotely.


We have seen 109 clients, resulting in 26 applications granted and able to travel to the UK to be reunited with their family members.  14 applications are awaiting decision, and cases for 66 clients are open in various stages. Some are being appealed before the Tribunal. During this year we have worked with people from 23 countries including Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Cameroon, Guinea and Kuwait.


We were delighted that we were shortlisted for 'Best contribution by a Law School', in the LawWorks and Attorney General Student Pro Bono Awards 2021.


Clinic staff

  • Chris Riley: Head of Clinical Provision
  • Clare Tudor: Director
  • Christopher Cole: Senior Solicitor
  • Shupi Chiwanza: Senior Solicitor
  • Liz Dew: Project Officer
  • Dalal Al Yafi: Caseworker and teaching support
  • Megan Grainger: Caseworker and teaching support
  • Aminah Ali: Administrator
  • Judy Sinclair: Administrator

To find out more visit our HKC Refugee Rights Hub website.

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