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Laundering Cotton

"Laundering Cotton" is an investigation into whether and how forced-labour-produced cotton and textiles from the Uyghur region wend their way into international supply chains.

Forced Labour Lab

The Forced Labour Lab at the Helena Kennedy Centre is an initiative to provide an evidence base for better understanding forced labour globally

Our partnership with Stowe Family Law LLP and the 2021 Stowe Family Law Prize 

Helena Kennedy Centre's partnership with Stowe Family Law LLP and the 2021 Stowe Family Law Prize winner

Law students to experience Law in Practice

Nearly forty final-year students from Law and Law and Criminology degree programmes will take up their placements on Law in Practice

In Broad Daylight: Uyghur Forced Labour and Global Solar Supply Chains

In Broad Daylight reveals how forced labour in the Uyghur region has ripple effects throughout international solar supply chains.

Understanding the impact of inspection on probation

This report outlines the findings from a British Academy/Leverhulme Trust funded study on the impact of inspection on probation, written by Dr Jake Phillips

'The clinical nature of the course enhances your ability to act in the best interests of your client'

Mads B. Melskens Staberg, a lawyer based in Copenhagen, shared with us his thoughts on studying LLM International Sports Law in Practice at Sheffield Hallam University

Students shadowing work of Tokyo 2020 Olympics Pro Bono Legal Team

LLM International Sports Law in Practice students have been selected to shadow the work of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Pro Bono Legal Team

Financing & Genocide: Development Finance and the Crisis in the Uyghur Region

"Financing & Genocide" presents credible evidence that International Finance Corporation financing is contributing to companies committing gross human rights abuses against Uyghur peoples in the XUAR and makes evidence-based recommendations to IFC and other development finance institutions.

Working Together - lawyers and social workers collaboration in child protection

Dan Fauset, Senior lecturer, Law and Criminology, and Ruth Bastin, Lecturer, Social Work, and Social Care and Community Studies, have collaborated to share their skills and knowledge with both Law and Social Work students

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