David Barrett

David Barrett MA (Hons), PG Cert

Research Fellow


David Barrett has worked at SIRC for seven years, specialising in the analysis of spatial data. David is qualified in the use of Geographic Information Systems, and specialises in the analysis of spatial data and in data visualisation. He has worked on market segmentation analyses for professional sports clubs, and has used GIS to measure and analyse the extent of sports facility catchments, supporting our delivery of the National Benchmarking Service.


David has worked for a number of national governing bodies of sport, most notably England Athletics, GB Archery and BADMINTON England. He has undertaken audits of participation and competition, combining secondary data sources with online surveying and qualitative interviews of stakeholders and participants. David is skilled in the creation, management and interpretation of large-scale databases and of designing appropriate research tools to take advantage of new technologies.

David has a long record of working with local authorities, having worked in local government for over 7 years, and for a range of local authority clients since joining SIRC. In so doing, he has built up a sound working knowledge of Sport England's Active People and Active Places datasets.

David has also worked with clients in professional sport. For Harlequins FC David produced a supporter market segmentation analysis to underpin the development of a revised marketing strategy for the club in its 'Heartland' area. More recently, David designed and executed an online survey of Celtic FC's season ticket holders to support the club's long-term business planning, as well as working with the British Golf Museum on a consultation exercise in advance of its reopening in 2015.

Participation, Benchmarking, Elite Sport, Spatial Analysis, Volunteering


RFU Spirit of Rugby Evaluation
RFU All Schools Evaluation
UK School Games Level 4 (National Event) Evaluation
School Games Mark Validation
England Athletics Competition Audit, England Athletics Recreational Running Research
Euro Nations Hockey 2015, Event Impact Assessment
The Open Championship 2015, Economic Impact Assessment

National Governing Body CEO Forum (2015), The State of Play
England Athletics (2011), Bridging the Gap: Research to provide insight into the development and retention of young athletes
Sport and Recreation Alliance (2009) Sports Club Survey


Journal articles

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Conference papers

Wilson, R., Plumley, D., & Barrett, D. (2014). Staring at the abyss; the state of the Super League [abstract only]. In 22nd EASM conference 2014, 09-12 Sep 2014. https://www.easm.net/download/2014/260-Accept-oral-presentation-Wilson-STARING-INTO-THE-ABYSS-THE-STATE-OF-THE-SUPER-LEA.pdf

Book chapters

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Internet Publications

Copeland, R.J., Flint, S., Nevill, A., Wheat, J., Breckon, K., Maynard, I., ... Stevens, H. (2020). A tribute to Professor Edward Winter. http://doi.org/10.31219/osf.io/ndctk

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